Tony's Town Square - Parade viewing. Worth it?

Anyone have experience with Festival of Fantasy parade? We have a 2:30 reservation for April, but are questioning if it is worth the effort. We can “request” a table on the patio, but may be out of luck and/or w we may need to wait a long time.

Can anyone provide some firsthand experience? Is the view and waiting worth the the time away from touring? Also worth noting, we will have a 4 and 2 year old with us. The break coulee be perfect, or could backfire if we are waiting too long.

Can’t wait! :grinning:

Don’t have first hand knowledge at Tony’s for FOF parade. I’m not a fan of making ADRS to get a view of parade or fireworks. I like to enjoy my meal without putting pressure on myself or my group. Like you say it could or couldn’t work out, and with 2 littles do you want to spend money at a restaurant that doesn’t get a lot of love. I would try to fast pass it or stake out a spot.I’m guessing you’ll have a stroller so it might not be too bad on them.Good luck on whatever you decide

The FP viewing area is amazing and when I was there everyone had a curb area (no one in front of you). It allowed me to get some amazing photos . That being said, it is full sun. I have watched that parade from multiple places including a last minute arrival to MK (so I arched right in front of the train station). I would just try for another shaded area.

We experienced the FoFP both from the FPP viewing area and from Tony’s last time we were there. The FPP spot was definitely a better location to view the parade.Tony’s was decent, but not ideal.

It was kind of a fluke that we got to see if from the patio at Tony’s. We didn’t get seated until over an hour after our ADR time. Granted, it was a CL9 day, but I still don’t know that I would recommend relying on an ADR to see the parade. They could seat you late, like they did us, or you might not be able to get a patio table.

I know that I took pictures from both spots, and I was going to share one or two of each so you could get an idea of the view. But it looks like I only have the pics I took from the FPP location. Evidently, I didn’t feel the ones I took from Tony’s were worth saving, Maybe just that fact might help you to decide.

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