Tony Hinds or alternate transportation?

Has anyone used Tony Hinds recently, does he have a website? Looking to book MCO-CBBR-Cape Canaveral-MCO over 10 days. Unless anyone has any other transportation recommendations?
My biggest concern is having someone reliable to pick up in Cape Canaveral to make it back to MCO in time for my departure flight.

Contact info and recent reviews (I was actually searching for his contact info when I stumbled upon the thread):

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Not recently, but we have used him about half a dozen times, and the service has always been reliable no matter who the driver was. The last usage, Sept 2021 I think?

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We booked Gearfusion based on a recommendation from here on touring plans to go form MCO to HRH. So far they have been great as our arrival time has changed a few times. They seem to be easy to communicate with. I’m not sure if they would go to Cape Canaveral or not…


I saw them talked about on chat. They are a little higher than Florida Towncar but accept credit cards?

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Disboards is saying that Tony has retired. He’s outsourced his driving to Juste and Riland and we didn’t have the best communication on our trip in June with Tony’s new company.

We used Tiffany towncar on our November trip and liked them a lot more. Better communication, cleaner and newer vehicle. It was more expensive but we found it more reassuring. It included a stop at Publix en route to our hotel for a grocery pick up.


I have a friend that also books with Tiffany and has been happy with it. It is more expensive than a couple of others ones mentioned.


Looks like they do go to Cape Canaveral. Im going to check them out for sure!

We leave on February 25th, I’ll report back on my Gearfusion experience.

They accept credit cards?

Great! Thats who I am leaning towards at the moment after hearing Tony has retired.

Yes they do on their website. It was $60.00 each way which didn’t seem too much more than Uber or Lyft. I liked the idea of having something scheduled in advance…

Thanks, Florida Towncar is $115 roundtrip but it is cash only.