Tomorrowland terrace

I just saw something on Facebook talking about how Tomorrowland Terrace is rarely open. Is that true and is there a way to check if it will be open during my stay? I was planning to try to have lunch there one day.

It is true. Several restaurants are considered overflow locations and only open at the busiest times. MK seems to have a lot between the terrace, Tortuga tavern, and the diamond horseshoe.

There is really no way to know before you show up though. Their new menu is mostly burgers and chicken strips so you could probably find a suitable replacement location if it’s not open.

Has few trips I have had over the last few years it has never been open. I remember as a kid (a long time ago) it was awesome. There was entertainment on the stage. It was cool. I would think with how CROWDED WDW is - they could use any / all restaurants they could get

Yeah, the food is not the issue so much as wanting to sit inside and I wanted to go somewhere we didn’t eat last time so I don’t think there are any other qs restaurants with indoor seating we haven’t been to. Oh well, we will play it by ear with a back up planned.

Dumb me, I just realized they don’t have door seating anyway, so never mind!!

It is covered completely but it is open air.