Tomorrow is my 60 days - YAY!

Two questions:

First, Fastpasses used to be available for booking at Midnight the day of. Has that changed? I seem to recall that somewhere it said they are not available until 6am EST now. Is that correct?

Second, do I have to be ‘checked in’ to my resort before I can make my FPP? Or will it just see my reservation and and tickets and allow me to make the fastpasses?


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You are correct, FP bookings open at 6am Orlando time. (Total pain on the west coast!!!)

And no, you don’t need to do online check in. Just make sure your resort reservation and park tickets show up when you log into My Disney Experience. And of course you need to link each person you’re booking for to your friends and family list.

As long as there’s a reservation linked to your account, AND everyone you’re booking for has tickets linked, you’re set.

You do need to have ticket days for as many days as you want to book FP on. E.G. if you have 5 day tickets and plan to add another day while there, you can’t book FP for that sixth day until you upgrade your tickets.

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Fast pass actually opens at 7:00 Orlando time although some people have had luck the night before (I never have).


My 60 days was yesterday and I wasn’t able to book fpp’s until 7am . I did my online check in after that.

Right, so test it tonight, but expect to be signing in tomorrow morning. 7am, you say? Hmm. The kids may be a tad late for school tomorrow. Mamma’s going to be busy. :wink:

Thanks, all.


Weird. I was totally able to book FP+ at 6am. I didn’t even try the night before. When I did ADR’s I couldn’t access them until 7am.

It’s probably worth a try at 6am and if not, then again at 7am.

If you’re up anyway, why not.

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ADRs are at 6 online and 7 on the phone.

I guess I’ve got ADR and FP mixed up.

So, 7am for FPP? Do I sign in after 7 or can I be signed in before?

Is that 7am Eastern (Orlando) time? I had the same question for when I make my reservations next week, but I live in Central time.

You can be signed in before 7:00- it magically opens at 7. Make sure you write down the time you picked because you cannot overlap times and it does not show you what times you have as you are picking.

It is 7 Orlando time.

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UPDATE - 7am, EST, it was available. I tried after midnight, no luck. I tried just after 6am and no luck. 7am, I was good to go.

I have to say, some times I wanted weren’t available. I can only assume the throngs of others who beat me to it must have been holding my times. I got 10 or 20 minutes off from the ones I wanted. But now (1:30pm) I just went in and was able to change to the times I wanted, so all is well. It paid off to book the rides and then watch and change a little later in the day.

Oddly, even though I had one ride chosen as a 2-3, the next ride I was picking gave me choices that overlapped that hour window. I thought it wasn’t supposed to do that. I didn’t dare choose one, as I didn’t want it to release my previous FPP, though. Now, in hindsight, I wonder if it would have given me both.

Anyway, thanks all for your advice. :slight_smile:

I’ll be going through this tomorrow morning. That being said, it’s 60 days from the start of your trip IIRC, so some of the times you wanted were probably claimed by others arriving days before you. My guess is that times later in your trip were probably more available than times when you first arrive in Orlando.

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