Tomorrow is FP+ Day!

Quick question since tomorrow is my FP+ Day. I’m planning for FOP on day 6 of 7 on an AK day with CL 4, overall CL 3. Do you think I have a good chance of getting it?

Any other words of wisdom?

I got mine on day 6 of 8, and it was a 9AM slot with many other options left too. You should be fine. Good luck!

That makes me optimistic! Thanks!!

My FPP day was Friday. I got FOP for Day 7 because Day 2 was booked. Day 7 had tons of availability!

I didn’t try for any day earlier than day 6, so I don’t know when they actually fill up. Day 6 was always my plan.

My FP day was yesterday morning. I tried immediately for FoP on day 6, as that was a scheduled Park Hop day for us & I figured I’d just fit a FP for FoP wherever I could that day. I got it that day, hooray, but I was also surprised to see that some FPs were available on day 2, which was our full AK day. So I would definitely aim for farther out first but I think you should do alright. Good luck to you, and be on there to schedule things first thing in the morning! That’s when I had my luck.

Great news! I’ll be at AK on day 4 as well so I’ll check 6 first and then 4. And I’m on CST so I’ll be up bright and early to book at 6am!