Tomorrow is FastPass day...need help! Frozen FPP vs TT FPP

Ok…we will be at Epcot on Monday, January 21, MLK Jr day. We have an 8:05 GG res and will do soarin’ right after. I was planning on going straight to test track after that (assuming it is running) and then having a FastPass for Frozen. My kids really want to ride test track. They haven’t ridden it yet, but love watching the video and one of my sons loves Tomorrowland speedway (which won’t be open when we go).

I was planning on getting a frozen FastPass, but now I’m re-thinking…surprise surprise.

Is it possible to get a test track FastPass and not have to wait for forever and FEA? All of a sudden I’m having pre-buyers remorse!

The benefit of having a TT FPP is that TT breaks down a lot and if that happens your FPP will be good any time that day. TP did a great video of RD at Epcot (and which order to do the rides). Doing Soarin’ first and then heading to FEA worked and the wait at FEA wasn’t crazy. They actual recommend FPP for TT.


Thank you! The crazy thing is, when I put a 9am FPP for TT, they tell me to do spaceship earth first, then TT. Frozen comes later and is only a 30 min wait. And that is on a CL 8 day. Can that be right?

That does seem odd especially because SE is a long ride. I will say though that touring plans aim to reduce your overall wait time throughout the day and not necessarily for an individual ride (if that makes sense). Personally I would FPP TP and then RD Soarin’ then FEA. You could FPP SE as part of the original 3 or even pick it up as a 4th FPP that day.

We did your plan on our first day to WDW. The only snag was that everyone really wanted to do LWTL since we had been seeing it from the restaurant. So we did! That put us on TT with a long wait. I would rec FP TT and go straight to FEA unless your crew will really want LWTL right away! Then I’m not sure!

I’m also trying to cut down on walking. I’ve got 2 almost seven year olds and I’m afraid goofing it from soarin’ to frozen then back to future world and then back to the world showcase might be too much.

That makes me think: if I choose to rent a stroller that day, can I rent one before the park opens before our GG res? I’ve only rented from kingdom strollers and wasn’t planning on renting one this time, but I might need it for Epcot.

When we went for our POO GG, the stroller rental looked open but we didn’t see a CM so we ended up going back after the land pavilion.
I was worried about the walking also which is why we FP FEA. It did work out ok. Especially if you get into Soarin early and then go right to TT. If TT is down though you run the risk of being in a long line later.

Right…my kids really want to do TT…probably more than I want to do FEA, haha! So, I think FPP TT is the way I’m going about it. Then to decide about a stroller. It’s our second day, so they should be kind of “fresh”. fingers crossed.

I would book TT too. We got the stroller and then ended up using it to carry our bags :roll_eyes: We originally rented it for the week. When we realized DD would not ride in it, they issued us a refund which I was impressed with. So a good one to play by ear once you get to the park. Good luck tomorrow!

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Just wondering whether you might be good without the stroller until a little later in the day. You might be able to hit GG and Soarin, rush to FEA, and then as you meander back with the kids to FW, have one of the adults go rent the stroller and meet back up. Then you’d have your FPP for TT. My 7 year old has more energy and walking speed than the rest of us in the morning–but this kid was running (yes running!) at 8 months. I agree that you might want one for a late afternoon/evening in WS when they might be tired and not quite as interested in things, although all my kids have always loved WS.

TT is not a high priority for me. FOP for Frizen, RD Soarin, and ride TT single rider if the line isn’t too long.

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