Tom Sawyer island and a EMH day

Does Tom Sawyer Island ever open early on EMH days? Hoping to start at 7 and leave before the crowds!!!

No, only Tomorrowland and Fantasyland are open for EMH.

Sorry I should have been more specific…is there any chance Tom Sawyer Island will open at 10am if EMH is 7am-8am? Thanks for your help!

Possibly, but maybe it depends on the time of year (and operating budget). Looking at this week’s Times Guide for MK, TSI opens at 11:00 each day, including Friday which has morning EMH. When we went in July 2016, it was listed as 11:00 but there were a few days it listed openings at 10:00 when the park opened at 8 or had morning EMH. When is your trip?

I’ve never been to Tom Sawyer Island. What is it that you love about it?

Love going to TSI. You take a raft and you can explore the island. Rafts start at 11AM. We often bring lunch into the park and take the raft and eat there in the shade around 11:30. It’s a great break since we normally arrive at MK at least an hour prior to opening.

I have been sporadically checking TSI opening times over the last 6 months and I having seen a 10AM opening listed.

The Island is like an oasis of calm in the frenzy of MK. I love it, still go over even though mine are all grown up now.

There are tunnels and caves to explore, an old water mill, a rope bridge, wobbly barrel bridge, kids play area and a massive fort with stairs in each corner turret and passageways. Kids can line up along the passageways and “take aim” at the riders on BTMR; very non-pc but my kids did this for at least half an hour :joy: There’s also an escape tunnel from the fort - word of warning, this is pretty long and dark, can be a bit scary for young ones.

There are some seats, not many, where you can sit and rest at the fort or, if your kids are older, you can rest in the hut by the raft on the way back (so they can’t leave the island without you).

We took a picnic one day and sat on the island and ate there. I used it as a break without leaving the park, to let them come back down from the hype and over-excitement. And we usually went for an hour or so.

I so wish they’d open a cafe there, there’s a building that would be perfect, it’s all set up to look just like a saloon.

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Fairly certain it actually serves on the very busiest days of the year. Googling it, Aunt Polly’s apparently hardly ever opens, but there was a sighting in 2015 at least where it opened briefly and was serving a limited menu. So it’s possible, but a real novelty to see it open…

I remember going on July 4th in 2012, and it wasn’t. But I like the fact that you have seen it open. We may well go at Easter next time, so here’s hoping :grinning:

Thank you so much for your help! Our trip is in November so fingers crossed!