Tolls generally, Firefly rental specifically

We are renting a car for our week at WDW. What tolls are assessed between MCO and WDW? Is it possible to get a toll between, say EP and HS? Google maps seems to give me weird data.

Also, I am sensing a disturbance in the Force regarding Firefly Rental Cars. Anyone have any experience dealing with that company?

If you stay in the bubble the only tolls you'll get are between the airport and Disney. I haven't driven it in several years but you'd be looking at a couple of dollars or less each way. If you get out into the city pretty much any highway other than I-4 which is the main highway you'll likely be on a toll road and those range from .50 to around a $1 at each gate. Definitely no tolls in the actual bubble going between parks, etc...

Sorry I haven't used that rental service before so I can't really offer any help there.

DH and I used Firefly Rental on our last trip to L.A. It was our first time using this company, and was initially unsure. At the airport we watched a number of rental car transport/bus services pass, and none were labeled 'Firefly". We called the phone number on our printed documentation for the rental and found that we were to take the bus for Dollar (or Budget...I can't remember now) Rental. We did, and offloaded at their facility. Once there, there were signs for Firefly directing us through the lobby and directly into the garage. In the garage was a small desk for Firefly. We were in and on the road in 15 minutes! They had a small fleet of vehicles, probably only 6-8 total, all very nice. We were afforded a great vehicle and great service at an awesome price. We would definitely use Firefly again!

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Check out the driving directions at AllEars - it gives you report-specific directions with toll details.