Toll roads to Los Angeles from Anaheim?

Hello mouse family!!!
So pumped to head to DL in March. Unfortunately i am with a travel partner who doesn’t want to do 100% disney. :slight_smile:

We will be renting a car and driving to Los Angeles for 2 seperate days. Last time I did this got knocked with a massive $60 toll bill from my rental country. Any advice on how to avoid this?

Is it possible to get to L.A. without a toll road? Or are the toll roads totally worth it? And is there a good way to pay with a rental car (last time they didn’t take cash, which is how i got in trouble)
thanks everybody!

I have driven from LA to Anaheim, and the reverse many times over the years and have never taken a toll road. I-5 North will take you there, no tolls. What fun things do you have planned in LA?

This is super helpful, thank you.
Not quite sure yet of our loss Angeles itinerary, we were thinking of hanging out in West Hollywood and Silver Lakes. Any suggestions?
Thank you!

I know the 91 has some toll roads, but they are easy to avoid. There really are not any other roads that have tolls on them. We drive on those highways all the time with no issues.

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Get and use the app Waze to hep you navigate between Anaheim/LA. We’ve driven a bit from LA (Hollywood) to Anaheim and we love using Waze to help us get around. We’ve also never encountered a toll road using the I-5 and 101.

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When you take the 110 to the 91, there is a toll road in the left lanes. You just have to stay out of the left lanes I think. There is a way to “register” your car and then you just get a bill for the $4 or whatever it is when you take it. I’m not 100% certain as we just got our annual passes and have not yet figured out how to take the toll, we were too afraid to try it because we didn’t want to get hit with a fine. We’ve tried googling it, but still are not 100% sure of how to use it but really want to because the traffic seems way lighter.

Thank you!

The real charge$ aren’t from the toll roads themselves . . . typical $4 at most, but from the add-in fees that some rental car companies pile on for the privilege of using their built-in, and impossible to avoid, toll payment system. For the convenience of not having to pay cash, they could charge you/me $14/day, plus of course, the cost of the toll road itself. Some rental car companies are worse than others . . . So it makes sense to do some research.