Tokyo Disney Resort - Digital Fastpass guide

EDIT: The app is now available in english (but still only in the japanese app store) and the login can be made with the english TDR account, so this guide is no longer useful :smiley:
Follow the instructions in Chapter One to download the app, create an account on the english version of the TDR site and you’re all set :smiley: The general logic of how to book a FP with the app still applies, so you can read the bottom part of the second post if you want to familiarize with it :slight_smile:

Hi everyone!
First of all sorry if I’ll make some typo but I’m not a native english speaker :wink:
And sorry if the topic is not in the right place but I didn’t find anywhere else to put it.

Anyway, I’ve recently been to Tokyo Disney Resort, where they have recently started a Digital Fastpass program similar to Disneyland Maxpass, and I decided to write a guide on how to use them. Why? Because right now the park app is available only in japanese, so it requires some work prior to the visit to set it all up. And digital fastpasses are a life saver when in the resort, so you really will want to be able to use them!

CHAPTER 1 : Download the app

With Android it’s pretty simple to download the app since you can do it directly from the browser on your phone. Search “tokyo disney app apk” on google and download from the first or second site you see (like “apkmonk” or “apkpure” ). The installation should be pretty simple.
NOTE: if you have problems with the app you find (or you want to be able to update it directly from the app store when available) you should follow this guide on how to create a japanese google play store account on Android:

With an Iphone it’s a little more complicated since you have to download the app from itunes, and to do so you have to set up a japanese itunes account. I’ve found this guide on how to do so, but i don’t have an iphone and so can’t really help in the process:
Once you have set up the japanese account and you have logged in, you can download “Tokyo disney resort app” from itunes and install it.

CHAPTER 2: Create a japanese disney account

To reserve FP on the app you need log in with a japanese disney account, so it’s time to set it up!
I will provide screenshots of every form you have to compile with the translation of every field. I suggest you to disable any automatic page translation, because it can give you errors in some cases and not let you go forward.

First of all go on this site:

Make sure it remains on the japan site (it will have all text in japanese) and that it will not redirect you on the english site, otherwise the account will not work (that’s crazy, i know).

Ok so, you should see a page like this. Follow the instructions stamped in red.

Before showing the next screen i tell you that only email and password are required to log on the disney app and reserve fastpasses, so every other data can (and in some cases MUST) be fake.
So, you will see this screen:

  1. copy: マリオ
  2. copy: ロッシ
  3. copy: まりお
  4. copy: ろっし
  5. copy: 04712345678
  6. copy: 100000
  7. click and select one of them
  8. copy: 浦安市舞浜
  9. copy: 1-2-3 舞浜マンション101号室

In points 1 through 4 you are writing a name and surname (supposedly yours) in katakana alphabet and then in hiragana. If you want (but it’s really not necessary) you can translate your name here: first in katakana (for points 1 and 2) and then hiragama for points 3 and 4. I repeat that it’s not necessary and your actual name will not be useful in any way if you only need to book fastpasses from the app. Just for your information, the name you are writing now if you leave it as i wrote it is “Mario Rossi”, a common name here in Italy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you have done everything correctly, after you have clicked on the blue button you should land on a confirmation screen like this:

Just click again on the blue button and wait for the confirmation email. Once received, click on the url inside to confirm and then you should be set to finally log in into the tokyo disney app!



CHAPTER 3: Open the app and login

  1. Enable gps (doesn’t matter if you’re not in japan, it will still save you an error message if you switch it on)
  2. Open the app and follow these steps:

From now on, you can only proceed if you are located in tokyo disney area (gps active), so I will use some screenshots taken from here.


Once inside (and only for the first time of the first day of your stay) you have to scan every ticket from the app, so it will memorize them and let you reserve FPs. When you click on the FP icon, if you don’t have a valid ticket already in memory, you will see this screen:

On the top left and right you have to select if the tickets you are going to scan have been used to enter tokyo disneyland (on the left) or tokyo disney sea (on the right). Once selected, press on the qr code simbol and scan all the tickets. You will then see them saved in the app like you see in the above photo. Now you can select all of them (or only some if you want to book different fastpasses for your group) and then press on the button at the bottom.

You will see all the available fastpasses with their current return times and their actual wait times.
Click on the attraction you want to reserve and proceed clicking on the blue buttons you see.

That’s it! You have reserved a fastpass.

Once it’s your time to ride, just click on it and it will show you the qr code you need to scan at the fp entrances (one for each person you have reserved the Fp for).

Fastpass rules at Tokyo Disney are still the old ones, so you can reserve additional fastpasses once your window has opened or 2 hours have passed from when you last reserved one, whichever comes first. Keep in mind that if the window is less than 45 minutes away from when you reserve (it can happen early in the day for some attractions) you still have to wait 45 minutes before reserving another fastpass.
When you are reserving another fastpass, if it is close to one you already have the app will advise you of something like “you already have this, do you remember?” (can’t really tell since it’s in japanese). Just click on the blue buttons to confirm and it will keep you both fastpasses without problems.
Oh, and with this digital system you can also cancel a current fastpass if you change your mind.

During my visit at the end of august (weekdays) I’ve never waited more than 20 minutes for an attraction in both parks (when the waits during the day were up to 120 minutes for the big ones) and managed to do all the attractions - and some shows- in both parks in 2 days (with some repeats)! I didn’t do soarin or toy story mania because i didn’t want to spend my first fastpass there, but that’s it. I did every other attraction.
This is only thanks to digital fastpasses, so you really should put some effort to sign up and use them.

Feel free to ask if you need help or some clarifications, or simply if you want to know which order to follow in booking fastpasses there :slight_smile:


This is extremely thorough and an amazing resource for non-Japanese. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this guide! You are awesome!


I cannot thank you enough! This is such great info- thank you!


Wow! Awesome work @lore_sully! I’m not planning on going to Tokyo Disneyland anytime soon…but I’ve always wanted to go. I can’t imagine how tough this would have been to navigate without your help!


Your welcome! :smiley:

Let’s hope they will soon translate the app in english (with the olympic games next year I hope they’ll do it) so this is not necessary anymore, but for now I’m happy I can help :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing! One day…

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Thank you so much for these instructions, they’re amazing! We’ve got the app set up and hopefully we’ll be able to follow the rest of your guide to add the tickets and book fast passes when we’re in the parks in October.

Have you already been in the parks? Were you able to use digital fastpasses? :smiley:

It looks like they changed the form.

The signup one? I still see it as it is in the post above, can you post a screenshot?

Yes, thanks! We got it all set up & used it in both parks. I think the initial sign up for the Apple ID was a bit different, probably because I’m in Australia so I had to play around a bit with that. I used your instructions & answers for the rest & it worked perfectly.

It was great not having to go to the fast pass machines, but I think a lot of people over there are not aware of the app yet because there were always people using them.


Great info, hopefully one day I will come back and check this post out again. Thank you

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Thanks so much for this info. We’ll be going in middle of May 2020 and have really been searching around for help with cracking the app just to use for FP’s. TDR’s site was helpful, but not so much for setting up a Japanese disney account, specifically the translations. This post is super helpful with that. As the site is down currently, we will be attempting to get this set up asap! Thanks again!

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I have a few questions about Fastpass and I can’t find the information anywhere else so I figure I should ask here!

  1. Can you get a Fastpass for Tokyo Disneyland from Tokyo DisneySea or vise versa? In order to do that, do you need to have entered both parks? So could you enter Tokyo DisneySea at park opening without having entered Tokyo Disneyland but still get a Space Mountain Fastpass on the app? I hope that makes sense.
  2. Are the Fastpass systems between the 2 parks disconnected? So could you get a Fastpass for Toy Story Mania and then go to Tokyo Disneyland and get a Fastpass for Space Mountain even if it’s not time for the Toy Story Mania Fastpass since those 2 rides are in different parks? How about trying to get both of them on the app?
  3. If you’re not in the park but you’ve been in the park that day, can you still get a Fastpass on the app? If you’re in your Disney hotel, could you get a Fastpass? If you’re all the way in downtown Tokyo and planning to return, could you get a Fastpass on the app if you’ve been in the park that day?

I hope these make sense!

Unfortunately I cannot answer the first two questions. The gps needs to be active to book a FP and you must be in the resort area, so i don’t think it’s possible to book it if you enter the park and then go to Tokyo.
I did only two days (where you cannot park hop unless you have a ticket package with your disney hotel stay) and i did only one park per day. So i haven’t tried to get a FP for the other park and don’t know if they are disconnected or not. Sorry!

Anyway, here’s a good news! The app is FINALLY available in english!! Still currently only in the japanese app store, but it’s pretty easy to download it :smiley:

As of now it’s not complete with all the functions of the Japanese App, but it’s enough since you can book FPs and show lottery and do the login with the english TDR account.

(For more info you can read here, i’m in no way affiliated and only linking it because i read it there and it’s in general a very useful site to plan your TDR visit. Anyway the section on how to download the app in the first post still applies)

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