Toiletries Bag

I am in need of a good toiletries bag to keep my families full size toiletries in so I don't have to repack every time we travel. Does anyone have a suggestion? Looked at llbean and it doesn't get great reviews.

Hi there! I've actually got the LLBean one here but never use it. My go-to in situations like this is eBags -- I am totally addicted. They have an eBags brand fold-flat toiletry bag that I've looked at but never used. But in all honestly, you know what I've started doing the last couple of years? We travel pretty often, and I have been throwing all of our toiletries into a big rectangular-bottomed canvas bag. Unpack what we use on a daily basis onto the hotel shelf / shower, and at the end of the trip throw it all into the bag. Has really simplified my packing. smile

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I suggest you check out a few thrift store. Some years ago I found an old video camera bag. I load all of my full size toiletries in that. I check it as a bag on its own, and then I also do not have to worry about any of the bottles leaking in my suitcase.

But flying southwest it isn't a problem for checked bags.

I have used the Mary Kay Travel Roll Up bag for years. The 4 pockets are attached with Velcro, and the bag can be hung up. When I'm packing, I put my "absolute necessities" pocket in my carry on, and the others in my suitcase wherever I can, and fold the cover flat. When I get wherever, I just Velcro my pockets on, and hang the bag. At home, I keep my daily makeup in one of the pockets so I can just grab and go if needed. I've attached a link. I'm not a MK rep, so not my site. Hope this works!

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How often do you travel? Have you thought about an Owner's Locker and just leaving full-sized stuff in Orlando?

We travel 3-4 times a year, but not to Disney. In property Disney stays are every couple of years, but this year we got a bonus trip for dh's conference.
I wish we went often enough for an owners locker 😃

Check out They have lots of different options for what you are looking for. I have one of the Travelon toiletry bags and really love it! The Ebags pack if flat bag also gets some great reviews.

We use the LL Bean ones and absolutely looove them! I use a large one, my husband a medium, and my son a small. The large is quite big; I have room for all the necessities plus space for a myriad of first aid supplies and travel fabreeze and wrinkle releaser. My husband's hold any toiletries he has ever needed; my son's on the other hand is kinda small. His holds basically 2 bottles of baby wash and his toothbrush and toothpaste and some q-tips. We leave them packed all of the time so we can just grab and go. We have used them hard over the past 3 years and have had absolutely no complaints!

I found one by travelon on ebags that looks amazing, but I'm having a hard time justifying $90 to hold my deodorant.
Which one do you have?

@felesh I have this one. If you sign up for emails from Ebags they are always sending out discount offers.

Yeah, I would never buy anything for full price from eBags because they send me a 15-20% deal about once a month.

We have this and love it:

(sorry for the crazy long link, but at least it's on sale!)

In between trips, it hangs on the bag of my bathroom door. I usually use sample sizes, but a few items, like some hair care products go full size and they fit nicely. I use this for my, DH, and both kids.

I second what @Viviansk said. The Mary Kay bag rocks! It holds a lot and I love the hanger! I've had mine for about 6 yrs and have used it for a weekend get away and a 2 wk trip overseas. Love it!