Toddlers counted in dining reservations?

Unbelievably, I managed to score a reservation for BOG dinner two weeks from today! Very excited. However, the reservation was only for 4, and we have a family of 5 including my DD2. I will keep calling and hope to add the extra person onto the reservation, but in case I can’t, is there any way they’d let me just bring a toddler in and not count her in the total #? Maybe if she sat in my lap? Has anyone had them make an exception for babies?

Even if the baby is a newborn… Always count them as a person in a dining res. a two person table just isn’t room enough for three- same as a 4top for 5. There’s fire codes and all that too.

I would search always for 5 from now on, and hope to get a res for your actual party size. That said I would also still show up with your group of five even if you can’t replace it. They’ll likely work you in but understand it might be quite a wait because they will need a bigger table to accommodate you.

The nice thing about bog is the rose gallery (or whatever the room on the right is called) isn’t usually used at dinner to capacity, so they likely can fit you (of course no guarantees, but when we had grandparents join late in the game and couldn’t increase the adr size, I went early and they fit us in at check in)

One time at CG, I couldn’t get a table big enough, so I just played dumb.

Ok thanks! I’ll try at check in if I can’t get it in advance, who knows. Otherwise my husband will have to go eat a turkey leg by himself. :wink: I do wish you could add to your party from the web site, it’s harder to keep checking and checking when you have to do it by phone.

Traveling with my sister’s family and her 8 month old son, we sometimes included him on the reservation and sometimes did not. It didn’t seem to make any difference when we arrived at the restaurant. We never had any problem with the extra “half” of a person.

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