Today’s Lines App update

I updated the Lines app on my iPhone today, but now the app will not open. Is this a glitch? What should I do?

Sorted. I had to delete the app and reinstall it. Will the update apply itself to premium plans I have copied and created or do I have to start from scratch and make new plans?

But now when I try to access a new premium plan, I just get a blank screen.

I am having an issue as well. I could not get the update so I deleted the app but now it won’t reinstall. It just flashes the t logo and goes away. I am on IOS 14.8. Tried rebooting my phone. Help!

It’s working for me, but I am on the very latest OS on iPhone13. Still trying to figure out how to add LL times. My plans were created before the update but for Thanksgiving week, so maybe that’s the issue.

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Pretty neat… Still hoping for an update to the PC version for those of us that like to plan ahead & don’t activiely use the Lines app while actually there or want to “Optimize”

I make my plans, trust TP that they’ll be accurate and follow them. I don’t hate tech or anything, but IME the App isn’t really friendly to those people that just Evaluate…


Agree with all you said, I am the same way.

Word was that by the end of this month, TP will be able to suggest what LL to get next. But I’m unsure if that is also the day of (in the Lines app) or when creating a Touring Plan ahead of time?

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I do all of my planning on my PC. The app is only used on site as I am executing the plan.

So yeah, I need the browser version to have the updated capabilities. :sunglasses:


Agree! I much prefer the browser for actually making my plans. Hoping an update is coming there soon, too.

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This question was asked in the comment section: "Is it not worth using the planning tool till the day of?"

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So I figured out I removed the app from Home Screen but did not actually delete it. I did that then reinstalled and it works!