Today is the one of the best days ever to be at Walt Disney World (Part II)

Average temperature in USA at 10:30 AM 22 degrees F

WDW in the 70’s


I’m in Texas. The company I work for is based in Tampa and they offered me relocation as part of my offer, and I stayed in Texas since I have school age kids. Every single Tampa-based person has mentioned that it’s a beautiful 70 degrees to me this week. :rofl:


We need to save this map for the future when someone asks when is the best weather for visiting WDW.


Another day, another great example!


So does that say 82?
Hmmm that’s like… 28 Celsius.
That’d be nice for a stroll around the Magic Kingdom.
(Definitely beats shovelling snow)

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80+ degrees in the dead of winter is not a good thing. :frowning:



I am the voice of reason around here. It says it right next to my name.

Next you’ll start getting all science-y on us.

Hey everyone!! What he said. Yeah, that.


Looks like a pretty good stretch for my trip, it will be nice to get out from all this snow.

lol… they are breaking records here :wink: at least that’s what the weather guy tells me

Just saying we got above freezing today after our longest stint in recorded history below it. It was absolutely beautiful to hear the water dripping off the trees and see branches rising off the roofs and streets. (I lost some major tree branches and hoping my mountain laurel survives with half its branches broken off) When I could see the black of the pavement on the streets I never felt such joy in my heart. I’m not made for this :snowflake:. Normally we’re as hot or hotter than you and we have lots of 80 degree winter days. This has been nuts but tomorrow 50s and honestly that’s better than 80s!