We used to pack a toaster in our checked luggage so we could save money & time by eating a quick breakfast in the hotel room. That was way before 9/11, TSA and advanced security. Do any of you still bring a toaster with you? Any problems? TIA!

No toaster.

No, I don’t pack any household appliances when we travel.

If you’re staying on site, there are toasters in each food court that you can use.

We’ve been staying DVC and all of those rooms come with toasters.

If a toaster is a must, you can always order a super cheap one on Amazon and have it delivered to your resort.

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We just do bagels instead and don’t worry about toasting them

I can’t find anything specific to WDW resorts, but in general hotels do not allow you to use a toaster in a room unless it is one provided with the room.