To wait or to buy tickets

I currently have two trips booked for this year that are, if I’m being optimistic, 50% or less likely to actually happen. I have a week long trip booked at the Riviera in July for myself and my kids. They have 8 day hoppers. We have 4 nights booked at BWV in September for my mom’s 65th birthday for my parents, sister and I. They all have 5 day hoppers. We have a May ‘21 DVC stay booked that I would have 10 day hoppers for everyone (kids, parents, DH) but haven’t bought tickets yet. Thinking I’ll just wait to buy tickets until I know for sure what’s happening with these July and September trips. Surely I shouldn’t have park availability issues for May ‘21 if I wait right? I’m really hoping they won’t even be necessary by then. I’m kind of annoyed they are extending these APRs out so far…it seems kind of like a money grab Disney making people secure park tickets for trips through next fall.

It’s certainly the kiss of death to any kind of spontaneity.

If I come to Orlando in October, it will be for a UOR-based trip. But it might be nice to do a day trip or two to WDW. I don’t see how I’m going to be able to pull that off now. I’m not willing to buy tickets unless I’m certain I’m coming. And I’m not. At all. And by the time I will be, there’ll be no park reservations available.

Which is fine. I know I’m good for UOR. I’ll go there.

I am not purchasing more tickets right now. I have an April trip booked but if there are not parks available, I will purchase a Universal AP. I am hoping to use my DVC points but I am saving my money for now.


Absolutely. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for local APs right now.

I wish UOR was a viable option for us as an alternative. My mom struggles with motion sickness and doesn’t do coasters so it’d be really difficult to piece together a fun trip for her there. And my younger kids are under 48” and so many of the rides there aren’t geared for the younger set.

Just for fun, I looked up how much it would cost to take a trip in July. Turns out, Virgin Atlantic aren’t running flights to Orlando until the end of August. Technically, UK citizens can’t even enter the US and we don’t know when that ban will be lifted. So it’s not possible for me to plan any kind of a trip right now.

with an 8 day hopper + a 5 day hopper + a potential 10 day, why don’t you go AP? besides the obvious of not knowing if the trips would happen or not.

Well the people in the 8 day/10 day trip are the same. My kids - one of whom turns 10 in October and needs a kid ticket for July and a an adult for May. And the people in the 5 day/10 day are the same - my parents. I’ve ran the math on APs and I’m pretty sure it just about breaks even for everyone but doesn’t really save money. If they could get Gold APs it might make sense but those are just for DVC/Florida residents I thought? It’s also possible my math is wrong…

that is true. I didn’t realize that it wasn’t the same people for all three trips. Math will be important.

If these didn’t have regular APs priced so dang high it’d probably be an easy decision.

Edited to ask: Can my kids get the gold AP? I hadn’t really thought of this as a possibility before…

Do they differentiate with APs? I thought there was just one AP price.

I think you’re correct. That differentiation only matters for calculating OOP costs for tickets to compare to AP prices.

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If you can get the gold AP and the kids live in your household, then they can get gold also. But if you can’t, then they can’t either

Just FYI. I have a 42" 5 yo and 2 teenagers with our first trip planned to UOR in November couldn’t wait any longer the teens are getting too tired of waiting. Waited for the 42 inch mark bc he can ride all except Hulk, RRR, Hagrids, Ripsaw Falls, mummy(but there is a supposedly a tour), Forbidden Journey (can do a castle tour). So really just 4 rides that are a definite no. The motion sickness thing is another story.

Not too bad. My youngest is 39” and my 6 y/o is 45”. I do plan on taking them to UOR next May (well maybe not my 4 y/o but my other three). We took our older two to see WWOHP two summers ago and they LOVED IT. Who am I kidding…DH and I did too. It’s amazing.

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Well, that’s definitely advantageous for the kids’ tickets if we end up going in July. I wonder if they’ll allow me to upgrade their tickets to Gold though since those aren’t currently being offered online as an AP option…