To upgrade or not to upgrade

We will be staying at PORRS 4/4/16 with deluxe dining for 8 days then switching to YC for a free/comp night standard view (from a previous stay) and then an additional RO for at YC for two more nights. My question is, should I spring for CL those two additional nights?(it’s about $200 more) We plan to use our meals and snacks wisely to cover the most meals for the non dining plan days (ie stretching the 8 day deluxe to eat 10 days by buying ahead and using the resort fridge and microwave). Also what do you think are the odds if I spring for CL that they will upgrade the free/comp night (the first YC night) from standard to CL instead of moving us from one room to another?

I have made a number of two night stays and quite often I have been upgraded on those nights. You may have a good chance but even if you are not you can access the lounge right away on check in day so I would grab breakfast. For $200 I think I would do it. You could have breakfast, go to EP for the F&G booths for lunch and then get those amazing appetizers for a light dinner. I loved the YC CL! Look at the club level thread!

@PrincipalTiinker you are my new favorite person! Thank you so much

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I think your dining credits expire on check out day of the reservation, or has that changed?

I have always been able to use credits for the DDP on the last day. I’m almost 100% sure. Anyone else ever have a problem using the last of their dining on the last day?

Oh I think I get what you’re saying now. Yes, my dining credits will expire on the day I check out of PORRS at midnight. So in essence, I will have no dining plan at the YC. We will use snack credits and any leftover meal credits (yeah right) on our PORRS check out day and take the food with us to YC. I will be bringing throw away tupperware, my insulated cooler bag and ziploc baggies and taking leftovers home the last few meals. Then while we are at YC eating that food. By careful planning with snacks (for instance, my 4yo can make a meal on soup and hummus and carrots. That boy LOVES his hummus) and buying “ahead” we can make lunches and/or light dinners for when we are at YC.
Also we have Deluxe dining so kids meals can be adult meals. I’ve booked several 2 table service meals for our trip. Two of the three kids can order an adult meal, split it and the third can share with me and my husband. Substitute a side salad for one of the desserts and 2 adults and 3 kids eat for only 6 credits, instead of 10. I don’t think I’m breaking any rules with this; I’m just working the rules to my advantage. Anyone see any flaws with this?

Also, when you are checked into CL you have all that food!