To Uber or not

We’re headed to DL this Sunday. This will be our second time visiting. The first time we went we simply took the Disneyland Express from SNA to our hotel. We are a family of 5 (2 adults, 3 kids ages 11, 10 and 6).

We are flying into SNA and headed to the Grand Californian. Should we try Uber this time around? Would it be less expensive than the Disneyland Express? Is it about the same amount but faster? (It seems that maybe our group is too large for Lyft.)

I’m not sure how much the Disneyland Express costs, but I believe it is per person, correct? Uber doesn’t charge per person, just per trip. Due to the number of people, you may need to take an “upgraded” Uber (not the cheapest level, UberX) but it may still be cheaper and there won’t be any other stops.

Leaving from Anaheim Marriott early Friday am in 3 weeks to LAX. Uber or car service makes more sense than $/person shuttle even with only 3 Adults.

I just checked remotely, and it appears Uber cars are active at 6:30am PDT.

I’d book a car service for that group configuration. We used Sonny’s (awesome Yelp reviews) and service was great.

We used UBER for our trip to and from the airport last week. It cost us $18 total each way HOWEVER hubby and I each downloaded the app on our phones and using their current discount for new users we each got a $22 credit so our actual rides cost us nothing (though we gave each driver $5 cash) an UBER XL would probably be needed for a group your size but if you’re a new user it would probably only cost you $5-$10 out of pocket.