To TP or not to TP

My February trip looks totally different than my usual trips. I’m doing two DAH events! Here’s my schedule:

Monday: Arrival Day, check in at ASMo, head to Disney Springs for dinner & The Void
Tuesday: Universal Studios for the day, leave at close (7pm), Lyft back to hotel, change clothes and then head to AK for DAH.
Wednesday: Epcot all day to soak in the Arts Festival
Thursday: Sleep in, AK late morning until 6pm or so, back to hotel to change, and then head to MK for DAH!
Friday: Check out day, head to HS for a few hours to use 3 FPs (was able to get slinky so gotta try it!), leave for MCO around 4pm.

Due to the shorter trip and the DAH events, I haven’t felt as strongly about needing touring plans for my actual park days. I think because a lot is being crammed into short amount of time. I have yet to create touring plans for my Epcot day and my AK day. On one hand, i want to just be spontaneous… use my 3 FPs and then just do whatever I feel like afterwards! However, the planner in me is stressing out. How often do you guys do trips without a plan? I’ve been to WDW four times in the past five years… and I always have a plan. Yet, it sounds liberating to also NOT have a plan. I intentionally didn’t book ADRs for this reason! Ugh, the struggle is real.

Is this President’s week?

No, it’s Feb 11th to Feb 15th!

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I have them booked a week later. I was wondering if I would see you there!

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I have very loose plans. I have special events planned and ADRs but honestly, I am not worried about doing too much

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I always have a plan (insert hysterical laughter from my family here). Even if your plan is to not have a Plan, you still have a plan! :blush:


^^^^^ This!

Last time, I spent hours making TPs and had several versions of some of them until I was happy. They were very loose plans, with lots of breaks with notes like “go see the wishing well”, “listen to Casey’s Pianist”.

Once there, I never actuallly referred to them at all in the parks, just a read through each evening. The planning helped me know what was realistic and what part of the park in question we were doing that day.


I always have a plan - at the very least, it gives me a base to work from when I decide to switch things up on the fly.

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My family and I will be at the MK DAH as well! Its our anniversary, and his first trip to WDW!