To Rope Drop or Not to

My family and I are going to WDW in late February. Been hearing about how if I want to ride Avatar I need to be there at rope drop. But another website gave me another idea. They got in the park early by doing a character breakfast and then went straight to the ride with hardly no wait. Which would be better?

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Character breakfasts help with 7DMT in MK and Soarin’ in EP, but unfortunately provide no benefit for Flight of Passage.



Rope dropping FOP is a whole Disney experience unto itself and worth doing just so you can tell the story! Just be sure to arrive at least an hour before opening.

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PPO breakfast doesn’t help to get a head start for FOP.

We RD FOP in December on an EMH morning. We arrived around 7:10 AM for an 8 AM opening. We were like halfway between the tapstiles and the ticket booth. They let us in around 7:30 AM. We kept walking with the crowd at a quick pace and didn’t stop walking until they assign us our preshow number. We were off of FOP by 8:10 am and off of Navi before 8:40 am.

Edited: AK was 60+2 for us. We still were not able to get FPP for FOP. We were able to get Navi but didn’t use it. We tried to swap it for FOP during each of the SDD but there were no SDD that day.


I don’t think that’s the case anymore. Unless you’re referring to Be Our Guest. The character breakfast at Crystal Palace used to get you in early, but no more.


I recommend FPP for Flight of Passage. That way if you oversleep you won’t be stuck waiting in line. My last trip I planned to ropedrop but also had FPP. That worked out perfectly because the family needed to sleep in that morning.

If you are staying onsite you should be able to get FPP without too much trouble if you’re staying at least 3 nights. Even if you have trouble finding it, keep trying every day and you’ll likely find it eventually.


You’re right. In my head I was thinking of BOG, but not about the fact that it’s not a character breakfast. I should have said PPO breakfast.


I thought so

In October, we RD on an EMH morning. We went straight for Na’vi River Journey. Since very little was open, and we had FPP for FoP, we got coffee looked around the area, shopped. At 8:00, 2 members of the group did FoP with FPP, while another person went and rode EE with a FPP. DS and I walked with the stroller and the 2 DGD and waited for the rest to join us for an early KS. By 9:45, we were checked in for our ADR at Tusker House.

PPO breakfast at Akershus did help with Frozen.


I’ve never done it but I’ve heard a lot of people talking on this forum about having luck with PPO for various rides.

Welcome! Ask anything & as often as needed!!

To add more, not only will a PPO meal at AK not help with FoP, you traditionally need to be waiting at the park gates about an hour before it opens to have minimal waits at FoP. (I had to clarify, b/c who knows what next Feb. will look like with any new procedures in place)


If you want to do FOP, it’s one of those rides that you’ll need to prioritize for your trip. Prioritizing is done differently by different people. Here’s how I did it:

  1. OnSite Resort for 60+ FP
  2. Emh Eligible resort
  3. Rope Drop Which means show up 60 min BEFORE Rope Drop if you know what you’re doin’.)
  4. Work the FP system day of.

So for AK Day, we just simply followed the EMH pattern of previous months, and assumed which day of our trip would be AM EMH at AK. So, for FP day, I was prepared to select the earliest FOP I could grab on that day. Scored a 9 am or whatever.

On the day of, We showed up for EMH 45 min early, the tapstyles were already open and there were no lines to speak of - it seemed we were LATE, really. We followed the path, there were scattered groups walking to FOP, obviously. The line was already LONG. REAL long. But my guess is that the ride wasn’t yet open, so nobody was actually moving, just queueing.

We were probably off the thing in 30 minutes. Worth every hassle it took to wake up and get there early. (Uber, by the way. I wouldn’t wake up early and rely on disney trans. Uber drop off is pretty close to the entrance. Cheap, and quick.)

The end result is that we did FOP, walked on Navi, high tailed it to Everest and Dinosaur, did each multiple times as walk ons, then came back to FOP for the FP at the end of the 9am window. Moved other FP’s up as used, and scored another FOP day of. Bugged out of AK after lunch. Back to the pool, hit a different park that night (hoppers for the win, if you like am emh.)

Just sayin’ do what’s best for you. Rope drop, prebook, Fp hunting Day, AM EMH, combinations of all. If you want to do it once, just plan your FP day accordingly. If you wanna chance at doing it multiple times, get your ducks in a row.

Other folks will also tell you to just hop in line right before the park closes for a minimal wait w/o FP.

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first timer brag

My first time ever to AK, I had scored FPP for my son and me to FOP 60 days prior to the trip. We did Rider Switch (we had a 4 yr old) so my son rode it once with me and once with my husband. Then at 5:01 I scored 2 FPP to FOP with the SDD and did rider switch again. My 8 yr old son got to ride FOP 4 times that day. In my mind, my family was slow motion high fiving me in the middle of Pandora for being the best mom ever and hugging me for the countless hours I spent planning the trip… they didn’t really but it was a great first timer FPP experience.