To Renew My AP or Not Renew My AP

With the recent posting suggesting that reservations will be needed into next year, will it benefit me to renew my AP?

I don’t have a trip to reschedule…but will having an AP be of any benefit when trying to actually book a trip?

I know no one knows specifics…just asking for your thoughts if you were up for renewal?

My AP isn’t up for renewal until August (now, likely November). I plan on seeing how the reservation system works and what transpires over the next few months. But my thoughts right now are that I will not renew this time. I just don’t feel like I will be getting my monies worth. I’m actually looking towards maybe Universal for next year’s AP. Cost is significantly lower and we love Harry Potter.

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I’m up for renewal next month. We plan on going back at least two more times in the next year, but with the uncertainty surrounding everything such as park hopping and theme park reservations, I’m not renewing. It just doesn’t seem worth it for something I may not get the value out of and doesn’t offer the flexibility it has in the past.

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My isn’t up for renewal until 12/15 plus 117 days… so I have time to decide, see if I can use it, what happens w/ access etc. I too am looking at AP for Universal for cost, Harry Potter, roller coasters for the Teenager still at home…

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Mine expired on June 12th and I think I have 2 months to renew. Maybe watch the reservation system like mentioned above and see if having an AP helps at all before making the decision.

We’ve also been looking at UOR.