"To remain in queue and wait for the next available representative, press 2..."

Disney tech never fails to astound but today the automated phone service was out of control. Asked me to press 2 every 30 seconds for 40 minutes, before screaming “your estimated wait is less than 10 minutes” into my ear over and over and over again. Why do they struggle so much with this?


That sounds nightmarish!

Not Disney, but I got a text to call Walgreen’s about a scrip (prescription strength naproxen for a possibly broken wrist) and every 10-15 seconds I got a “Sorry. We are still helping other guests. We will be with you as soon as possible. There are 2 callers ahead of you.” Infuriating!!

I feel your pain!!


I had to call Disneyland regarding a question I had about my reservation for which I’m arriving tomorrow. I called the Disneyland guest services number and after 100 different attempts to enter a number that would get me to a cast member the outgoing message finally said that the call volume was too high and that I should reach out on chat or try my call later. Then it promptly disconnected me.

So I opened up my Disneyland app and initiated a chat. It took two hours for someone to respond to my question, at which time she said, “I can’t answer that for you so you’ll have to call guest services” and provided the number which I had already called earlier.

When I explained that I already called that number and that it direct me to initiate a chat in the app her reply was “I am so sorry, we can’t help with most things through the chat.” She asked if there was anything else she could help me with. I chose to end the chat and find the answer on my own which I eventually did.

We are definitely going backwards folks.


We need to perhaps pay people enough to want to work these jobs so they’ll come back? It’s really bad I agree.

I suppose the other option is invest in the technology to have AI do it online.


I don’t recall why I was calling, but after a gazillion 2s I thought what happens if I don’t 2.

The call continued. :open_mouth: It didn’t end.


I only quoted part but your whole scenario happened to me in 2020. Couldn’t get thru on the phone. Chat couldn’t help. Recommended calling. Ugh.

Definitely going backwards. I recall before cell phones and internet. Sure it cost money to call cuz WDW wasn’t going to do toll free. But at least you got right in and got your stuff done.


“Press 3 if you have a clean soup can and string handy…”


Maybe put that Genie+ money to good use!


For some reason this reminds me of a clip from the Simpsons.


Sorry about your trouble, but you gave me a good laugh.

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Don’t think that will help. I was having Genie+ issues yesterday and there is a chat function at the bottom. I typed a question in at around 10:30. It said they were busy and would get back to me…I never got a response!

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It’s not a struggle. Ppl keep paying them which means it’s a success!

ahh you didn’t start with “I wish…”

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I’ve been trying for WEEKS to give them (lots of) money for an annual pass! But they can’t pick up my call to take it.


Are you gonna keep trying to pay them lots of money until you are successful no matter how long they make you wait to pay them? If so, then everything’s perfect.

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And really, I think they hope you’ll give up and just buy tickets. They seem to think AP holders are freeloaders.


And now the rat bastards have stopped selling APs! :angry: :angry: :angry:


Will they raise the prices and then people will keep buying them anyway? Then that means they are doing the right thing. Everything’s perfect!

How about this: I need to cancel a reservation. A simple click of a button should do it. It is well outside of the allowable cancellation range.

Can’t be done online. Directed to call.

Because they have plenty of agents to take this call that should not be necessary.