To Preferred Park to Not to Preferred Park - That is the question

Hi! I have 2 daughters, ages 8 and 6. I’m fully anticipating that they’ll be completely DONE each day when we leave the parks. I’m wondering if ponying up the extra $15/day for preferred parking is worth it or not. Also, is there a map of the parking lots for each of the parks that shows where preferred parking is? Thanks in advance for your help!

I found this list on another site: “At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, preferred parking is in the Stage lot, at
Disney’s Animal Kingdom in the Peacock lot, at Epcot in the Amaze lot,
and at Magic Kingdom in the Jafar lot.” You can look up maps of the parking lots on the WDW site Each park has trams to help take you from the end of your parking row (or thereabouts) to the entrance area (or the TTC in the case of the MK), and back again when you want to leave.

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I would say since you’re already asking the question from a standpoint of being willing to pay the extra $15, you should do it. Most people scoff at the idea of another $15 and obviously preferred parking isn’t for them. I say if you have the extra money and like the idea of the convenience of being close, go for it.


I wonder if preferred parking is good for the day if you are park hopping.

Per WDW site, once you pay for any parking you are good at all parks all day, whether standard or preferred.

I think Jafar is the Handicapped lot, unless it’s changed in the last 3 months. Stage (HS) was the handicapped lot back in March, too, same with Peacock at AK.

I thought the old AAA preferred lots became the Disney preferred lots… the green line. If I remember correctly, those were Zurg at MK and Butterfly at AK. I don’t remember the Ep or HS one.

One thing to consider when you’re looking at your return walk is that if you’re far away, you can always take the tram. The other thing is even if you pay for preferred parking, you could still be at the far end of a row, making it not as preferred a spot (unless they’ve changed how they allocate spaces.)

From the parking map that @mkmuzzy linked to and @jeremy_patrick 's insightful comment, it looks worth it to me. It’s $105 for the week to ensure that I get to my car quickly when my princesses are most likely to act like…princesses. Thanks for your input, everyone!


If you are going first thing in the morning, you’ll get closer parking spots anyway. If you’re coming later, then it could be worth it if you’re concerned.