To Hollywood Studios, or Not to Hollywood Studios, that is the Question

We will be in WDW parks for four days in March, during spring break. We understand that many attractions at Hollywood Studios will be closed, but some things that we really do like will be open (e.g., TOT, TSMM, RNR, and Prime Time Cafe). We will definitely visit MK and EPCOT for at least one day each. We are debating whether to visit Hollywood Studios at all this trip. What would you do? Would the lack of attractions cause you to skip Hollywood Studios?

Thoughts are very welcome.

I always, always do HS- and I use my FPs there as well. HS has some of my favorite attractions- namely ToT, RnR and ST. Of course I either have a PH or AP- so I can plan on another park. I think I would even without a PH and I would go to DS either before or after.

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios as it stands now is a rather unwalkable park. It’s hard to get around and that’s what they’re trying to fix with the renovations. If this is the only time that you know for sure you’re visiting for the foreseeable future, I absolutely recommend visiting this park.

However, if you know you’ll be back a couple years later, and could possibly see the renovations once they’re complete, I’d recommend that instead of going to the park when you visit in March. SeaWorld Orlando or some other park may be a better use of your time than to be around a lot of construction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

As it stands right now, DHS is a “half-day” park for me. I’ve seen the shows enough times that Indy is the only one that still holds interest for me, and with 3 FPPs I can do the primary rides that I enjoy, and with RD, get any others in as well. I typically leave early afternoon and hop to a different park (usually EP). If I didn’t have PH, I would SERIOUSLY consider skipping DHS and have a second day in EP…

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