To-Go Orders?

When we go to Disneyland it will just be me and my 3 year old DS. Nap Time is still very vital to a successful trip. DS is a solid napper with the nap going minimum 2 hours. My question is I would love to eat at Cafe Orleans and/or Carnation Cafe, but with already so much down time for a nap I don’t think that would be a good use of our touring time. Is there any way to get a take out or to go order from those restaurants? That way I could eat it while DS is napping? My window to make reservations opens in a few days so I’m just trying to figure out some final details!


I doubt they will pack it up for you but just bring your own container(s). I always bring a plastic container in an insulated lunchbox just so I can bring food back from the parks. Usually it’s cupcakes or chocolates but don’t see why you couldn’t pack up a meal to enjoy in your room while the little one naps. :smile:

As a general rule of thumb you cannot order “to go” meals at TS restaurants. But I suppose that you could sit down at the table, order your food, and then after it was brought out to you scoop it into a container that you brought with you and have your “take away” that way…

Part of the strategy of theme parks is to keep as many people occupied in ways other than standing in lines, particularly when a place like Disney has a relatively low number of rides.

One of the key ways Disney does this is to provide a whole lot of Table Service eateries where you are spending a great deal of time happily occupied, not filling up the queue lines, and at the same time generating additional profit for them…although, the additional profit in many cases is probably minor, since otherwise you would still spend money at a QS eatery. While profit is A motive, the main goal is to keep you in the eatery!

As such, I can totally see why they wouldn’t want to offer To Go eating. It would undermine one of the main goes have HAVING the TS eateries! :slight_smile:

I cannot speak to Cafe Orleans, but I know a lot of people take the fried chicken from Plaza to go and they will pack it up for you.

Thank you for all or your responses!! I plan on making the reservations and showing up and seeing what happens. I’m not opposed to sitting at the table, ordering and then packing up and heading back to the hotel. Thanks!

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I go next week. I will try to remember to ask around for you.

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