To Fastpass+, or not to Fastpass+!

Hi guys, I am just wondering if I am ‘wasting’ Fastpasses, my wife is scared of almost anything that moves so she doesn’t like Space Mountain, Splash Mountain etc. in MK. She does however LOVE meting the princesses and various other characters for photo ops so this next trip we have made FPs reservations for her to meet some of her favorites.

My question is do I need to FP aswell? I mean if we meet the princess/Mickey etc as a couple can I use my own FP+ to quickly visit some of the thrill rides myself? Its not like we are taking double the time with the character. Maybe I am being greedy but I just wondered if anyone had the inside scoop!!

yes, you can split up your FP’s. When you go to make them, you’ll choose for whom you’re making the Fastpass

So she can plan to use her FP to visit a princess and you can have a separate one to ride a mountain either at the same time or thereabouts.

Then you meet back together after.

And if/when you schedule additional FP’s at the park, you’ll have the option to choose which person is going to use the FP.

Hi DarthDopey, maybe I was unclear…I was asking if I can visit the character WITH my wife and then go on a thrill ride etc later as a couple of people visiting a character takes no longer then someone going solo I wanted to know if we need to use both of our FP+'s

Nope, sorry you can’t. Everyone has to have their own FPP to enter.

Kinda what I though, thought it was worth checking though…Thanks @Wahoohokie

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