To eat, or not to eat- that is the question

December 19th we land at MCO 12:00. DD17 is insisting on a last ride on DME (if we get a non-Disney bus there will be hell to pay!). Staying at BWV and have HS planned for that afternoon/evening. Plan to try for SDD at 7am then buy ROTR and MMRR. At 11am we’re testing the SW WiFi and trying for MFSR. The only other thing I’d like to accomplish is maybe Sunset Seasons Greetings.

The questions:
1-Will we have time to eat? Ressie finder just got me 50s AND HBD for 6/6:30! Do I have time for a sit down dinner or should we do Docking Bay 7 and keep moving?
2-What time would you try for LL and ILL$$?

I apologize, but I don’t understand your timeline… Are you trying to do all this on your arrival day /getting G+ set-up before entering the parks or is the part about MDE / hotel just background information?

It’s all arrival day. Arriving at 12, getting MDE to BWV and then going to HS.


Yes. All on arrival day. I’ll be trying to stack LL/ILL$$ while traveling. I can’t imagine getting to HS before 4:30/5 with DME involved.
Trying to figure out if we have time for a sit down dinner.

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That really helps! Thanks!!

That seems a bit late, but I don’t have any small children or special needs. However, it’s probably best to be conservative with your arrival schedule in case of unforeseen travel delays.

I’m gonna answer this first…

For SDD you MUST do it right at 7am they “sell out” as fast, if not faster, than RotR!.. Get that RotR LL$ next - ASAP at 7am. It will sell out within 30 - 40 minutes of park opening. MMRR - you shouldn’t have to “rush” to get, but don’t put it off…

Hmmm… DHS closes at 9pm…if you are in the parks by 5pm, you should be able to ride something with a G+ /LL$$ scheduled when you get there. You could have a 6pm sit-down dinner - should take 60 - 70 minutes. That would would probably get you on a G+ / LL$$ around 7:15p - 7:30p… with 3 more attractions to do in approximately 100 minutes…

RotR is really your issue. Even with LL$ it is still a long wait often. Plus, you want to go all the way back to the opposite side of the park for SSG. (The SSG show is projected all night on ToT so need need to rush there though)

I just don’t think you can do a sit down meal at 6/6:30pm and the mix of rides you want, even with G+ / LLSS in that time frame… :cry: :man_shrugging:

Again… it’s all based on not getting into the gates until after 5pm…

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Thanks! This is very helpful.

I’m giving us two hours for transfer to hotel (sounds like DME is very slow these days), then snack, check in, and walk to HS. We might get there by 4 but I will have hangry teenagers to mange first. If we are early we’ll fill time with pin trading and Muppets (a must do for us).

I might give up on MMRR and put it on our full HS day. Would really love DH and DS to get both Star Wars rides on day 1.


This is false.


Oh! Thanks! I guess I misunderstood. I swear I saw an update that said they’d stopped allowing it. I really do appreciate the correction and I’ll edit my earlier post.

This is true! :wink:

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This is not necessarily true. If the 7am and 11am LLs are for late enough, you can still get a third, at least in theory. But every new one comes from the 2-hour rule and the window has to still be in the future.

The loophole that closed was that you can no longer get a LL after tapping into every attraction, only your most recently booked LL attraction. So that SDD you booked at 7am for 6pm will let you get another LL 2 hours after park opening, but by the time you tap in you will probably have already made another LL so it won’t be your most recently booked one anymore.


That’s better! I have no issue with being corrected. IME though, it’s far more helpful to educate why it’s incorrect than to just say, “WRONG!” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :crazy_face:




I don’t think people necessarily understand the rules since they’re a mess so couldn’t explain why you were wrong.


I figured. I didn’t really take it personal. It was meant to be more of a “Thank You” to Jeff for clarifying. I can understand that it may not come across that way… It can be hard to tell “tone” via the internet.

So, @LTinNC82 if you were hurt or anything by my comments please accept my apologies. :heart:


No worries. I’m on my first day back from vacation and popping in and out and that was like the absolute fastest most efficient way to get my point across :rofl::upside_down_face:


my two cents … you’ll have time for a sit down dinner if that is what you choose, but why would you? if you arrive at 5ish, there’s only a few hours left before park close, and your dinner will take 90 minutes.


Yesterday was supposed to be a level 2 crowd day at Hollywood Studios. Right at 7 we got a LL for Slinky which wasn’t until the evening. At 11 when we could make our 2nd selection but MFSR was already done distributing for the day (ran out around 10ish). Despite much refreshing and checking never saw availability pop up. Crowds were crazy. TP had actual crowd level a 4 when I checked today.

Grr! I guess we can get in line for MFSR at park close.

I had to stay with my DD and DS but my husband and his family was able to get 2 rides on MFSR at the end of the night. Got in line around 8:40 and was able to get right back in line at 8:59.


Since you can’t pick a time for SDD, what if you try to get it at 7 am and you get one for an earlier time before you are in the park?

If you don’t use it and the one hour time slot expires, then it’s gone. You cannot book it again. Before it expires, you can cancel it and try again, hoping for a later time that works, or a different attraction. If you are park hopping and HS is not your APR park, then Genie will only give you times at 2pm or later.