To drive or Uber/Lyft?

First, I’ve been lurking on the forum for about a month and THANK YOU for all the info! I’m new to the touring plans forum. This is our first WDW trip in 13 years! Last time we visited my now 18-year-old was 5 yrs. We’re a large family (5 children + 2 parents) and I’ve been obsessively planning our trip since we made the decision to go a month ago. For 7 people it’s so expensive to stay on site so we are planning on staying at an off site vacation rental (10 nights for $1050 and we have 7 day passes to WDW). We picked a hopefully quieter time to visit (end of Feb, first of March).

Since this is kind of a once-in-a-lifetime trip for my kids, we are really wanting to rope drop each park at least once. We’re planning on doing Uber/Lyft to Contemporary with a mobile order at Contempo Cafe for breakfast and then walking to MK, since it’s so challenging to rope drop right now at MK with the parking lots opening so late. I’m trying to decide if we want to Uber/Lyft to HS or EPCOT as well. Anyone have any thoughts on whether it’s worth taking Uber/Lyft vs. driving to these two parks in order to rope drop? From what I understand, AK doesn’t really have a place to Uber/Lyft in early and walk. Thanks!

I am curious about the same thing. I’m nervous about what time to arrive at the toll plaza and if the Uber driver will be upset to wait until they let us in…

I haven’t read much about Ubering to the parking lots. If we use Uber we’ll instead be going to nearby resort hotels and then walking over since that seems to be the only way to make sure you are in the first groups for rope drop.

Contemporary Resort for MK (with a quick service mobile order)
Swan for HS
Dolphin or Yacht Club (with a quick service mobile order) for EPCOT.
I don’t think Animal Kingdom has any lodging close enough to walk

I’ve heard differing reports on whether you will need a mobile order or ADR to get into the parking lots of the resort hotels and even heard once that someone’s mobile order was canceled and they were denied entry. I figured we’ll do mobile orders just to be safe and if they turn us away we’ll just have the Uber drop us off on the corner since I’ve heard most of the walkways are open and just access to the resort hotels that would be denied.

Since Swan/Dolphin aren’t official WDW resort hotels, a mobile order or ADR won’t be necessary there. From what I’ve read, you can also choose to park at the Dolphin or Swan if you have a vehicle but it costs $29/exit as a non-guest to park there so if you leave in the middle of the day and return you would have to pay for parking again.

I haven’t read much about people Ubering to the parking lots of the parks, but I do know that the parking lots aren’t opening until security/temperature check stations are open and you can be turned away if you come to early. Then you would have to drive around until they allow cars to line up. How early they open the parking lot depends on how busy they expect to be, I believe. I’m just starting to keep track of times that people share about their rope drop experiences park but most I’ve seen are for Disney transport and not for the parking lots.