“To Do List” T-Shirt

Hope you don’t mind that I made a few alterations @Tall_Paul1. This is your design, so if I overstepped, please let me know. :slight_smile:


I love this! And I love it more with the ticks too.


Love the changes. Better overall look. :+1:

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I love that!!!



Much better with the check marks. I also love that this one mixes Disney in explicitly.

Nice work.

I really like the shirt, and would wear it.

Not a criticism, just an observation. Currently, on zazzle, all the merch is not park specific (WDW/UOR). Would the bosses at TP prefer neutral? Or maybe it doesn’t matter? I know the badges are also Disney themed.

We haven’t been given any sort of rules on that other than “make what you like” so I think we’re good.

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