To captian America

How r u

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Tagging our friend! @captanneamerica :slight_smile:

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Hey there

Sorry I have been scarce. Recovery is exhausting :slight_smile:

Everything is good. Dr are happy with my progress.

Trying to convince the DW to take a celebratory trip in Dec.

Will be on more often as I get stronger.

Thanks for saying Hi.



Glad to hear the good news! Hope DW comes around to your way of thinking lol
Many blessings to u both I know this is tough for her as well, take care


Great news @captanneamerica! Come back soon!


So happy to hear you are doing well!! I’ve been thinking about you and glad you stopped by to update :smile:

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So glad to hear it!

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Woo Hoo the DW said we can go Thanksgiving weekend. Only problem I have now is that there are no DVC rooms. Trying to make this as economical of a trip as possible. I have to work this out. :smile:


Good for u too!!! glad to hear u r up for it :)!

What r DVC rooms

Disney vacation club ? Just a guess

Hi Jules yes Disney Vacation Club. I hate to have to pay for a room if I have points available.

Yay Captanne! Glad you get a celebration trip, you deserve it!


So good to hear that things are going well! Show us all how to do recovery RIGHT!! (you made a recovery list, right? RIGHT??)

Hi Luv,

Well the top 2 things on my list was to stop smoking and to lost weight. I am thrilled to say I have lost 40 pounds and I have not smoked in almost 2 months. I am working on number 3 which is to go to WDW (I am next Friday). My last big item for now is to get more organized. I am working on that a few hours at a time.

This new lease on life stuff pretty much rocks. :smile:

Hope you doing well and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.



WOW that is awesome Anne. Sorry that it had to be something so scary to help turn things around, but you being so positive is the best.

Best to you and do enjoy Disney to it’s fullest while you are there.


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So so great to hear, @captanneamerica I’m working with my physical therapist regularly for my back, so I’m hoping to be on an upward trend too! I don’t think I’ll hit your great milestones, but if I can button some more pairs of pants, I’ll consider that part of the benefit. But alas, no Wdw on the horizon. (Sobs)

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Captian America how was the DL trip? Did I also see that u two took a trip to WDW?
Hope all is good with the both of u!!!
R u through with treatment? Sending u both pixie dust and prayers!

Good Morning Jules. We are heading to WDW this Friday!. I am still not able to go on most rides but that is OK, I want to take in all of the Christmas decorations and just enjoy myself at a more relaxed pace. I really can’t wait. It is all very surreal to me.

Thank you for your kind words and possible thoughts.

A very Happy Thanksgiving to you.

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Luv - the pants part made me laugh. I would have a daily post on FB if I was going to have a pants or no pants day. It all came down to how I was feeling that day. My friend knew I was on the mend when I was able to dress in something other than sweats.

Hope you feeling better and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you.