To camera or not to camera?

For the fact that it’s your child’s first time absolutely take the DSLR. Our kids have been plenty of times and we still tote it around especially on days the kids are particularly dressed up or for any special occasions like a birthday, etc. The quality of your picture at night alone will be a huge difference and there are so many beautiful photo ops at night in the parks. Also for just two days I wouldn’t do the Memory Maker just because to maximize it with all the photo ops will be one more thing to try to cram into what will already be a full two days that having your own camera will allow you flexibility to capture moments as they happen.

I also love having my cell phone though too so I can have pics to send out immediately, mostly to my liner peeps, but also friends & family that might still be potentially interested in my family’s Disney obsession.


I don’t have a phone, so no phone camera, but I use a point and shoot for most things. I have a good Sony, so I’m getting really nice pictures with it. But I also have a DSLR that I bring every year for one reason… Kiliminjaro Safari. I get some really awesome animal pictures with my long lens. Otherwise, the point and shoot is great for everything else.

Also, I get the Memory Maker (but we go for 4 days). We don’t do character meet and greets, so I have to search for the photographers. I make a point of getting as many as I can and I’m reasonably happy with them. At least I have pics with all my family in them instead of a missing Mom (aka photographer). Also, I don’t have to worry about the ride pics, as I just tap on my pic and it’s saved.

I will say, however, we missed out on one ride photo somehow - maybe tapped the wrong one or something, but even 3 days later, I just went over to the Photopass office in Disney Springs and they were able to find the pic and save it for me.

I’m leaning towards it, if I can find the travel charger but it may just come down to how much room is left in the luggage!

I beg to differ, unless a 3rd party took all the great pics you’ve been posting!

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I always take the DSLR and have never regretted it!! Even with memory maker and my phone, it just works so much better for certain shots!

Well I didn’t post the bad ones! But thank you!

I’m an avid DSLR user and yes, it’s a pain to haul it around. I have a small Timbuk2 camera pack that holds the camera with one lens on (and, say, if you’re bringing another small lens, you can theoretically smash it in there too). I do regret not having it sometimes, but they always say “The best camera is the one you have on you!”

I never carry more than one lens in the parks. I have an 18-200 and it’s all I need. I don’t do extreme macro work while touring, and anything much more than 200 requires a tripod for crisp images (especially if you’re trying to take HDR brackets), and a tripod is the last thing I want to haul around the parks.