To Buy or Not to Buy

I just googled Lightsabers as in build your own and was shocked to see the price at the Workshop. So the question is if you believe that a lightsaber is worth $250? Now a Banchee at $65 is a little crazy but hey man who can turn down a Banchee? Coarse I suppose if you are a big Star Wars fan, hey you have to have a Lightsaber but does it have to be a customized beauty? Oh BTW you can actually get a REAL lightsaber. That’s right the laser is a true laser and it cuts and is very dangerous and NOT a toy. Check it out. “

We bought a banshee in 2018…saw them at Disney outlet store this past August for 9.99 :nauseated_face:.


Lightsabers are only $215. Where you pulling the extra expenses from?

And yes, I feel they are worth it for what it’s offering. I’ve yet to see anyone duplicate my choices and while yes, it’s entirely possible that it could and will happen, it lends to the feeling that this saber is, indeed, mine.

It’s also not that much more expensive than the “legacy” sabers. But if you want a “budget” one, you can find one nearly everywhere now. Anakin’s, Luke’s, Vader’s, Yoda’s, and Kylo’s are all available for $40. Which is not more expensive than outside the bubble I believe? But it’s been a while since I’ve seen one.


well, for one am seriously looking at the Night Blossom Banchee. :grin:

Yep, that’s what I mean. Serious Star Wars fans must have a customized light saber. Me, I was never a big star wars fan but my adult sons are. We shall see what April brings :laughing: