To buy...or not to buy? That is the question

Now that I’ve lured you in, I’m wondering about those balloons with the Mickey heads inside.

We fly to and from WDW so I’ve always politely declined my DD’s request to get one, assuming that we can’t take it on the plane home. I suddenly feel like it’s a travesty to never get one.

Does anyone know if they are deflatable/reinflatable? Or, if it’s something that can be taken on the plane?

They CANNOT be taken inflated on a plane.

You can probably deflate them if you’re careful and have a party supply store re-inflate it at home. Also, depending on your length of stay, if you buy it in the beginning of the trip, you can get good use out of it even before your return flight.

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Thanks @Kevin_Krom Glad to know my hunch about the plane was correct.

We’ll buy it on the first day and enjoy it while it lasts. Possessions are fleeting…

“Possessions are fleeting…”

All the more so a balloon, that one time you thought it was tied securely… :slight_smile:


Yeah…we’re past the point of stroller use so I’ll be lashing the string around my wrist until we’re safely back in the room. All in the name of magic-making.

You’re not alone - I have never bought my kids a balloon! Partly, I am anti-balloon because they are made out of plastic and can be dangerous to wildlife when they float away. But also because I anticipate that I will just end up carrying it around for them!


I’ve seen people mention deflating and reflating them but I have no experience with them myself.

I once saw one little kid make another little kid’s day by handing her a balloon. The child was leaving, and their parents had apparently encouraged them to pass the balloon on to a child whose family was checking in. Might be a fun thing to do if you end up buying one for your DD and you don’t feel like schlepping it home. A quick lesson in spreading the magic to other people!


We had a family who was checking out and flying home give a balloon to my daughter! It really made her day, it happened to be her third birthday but the other family did not know that, they just saw a little girl about the age of their daughter. It really was some extra magic for the day!


I have purchased them before and given them to a random kid on Main Street. It used to be fun. Then one time, I got a nasty reaction from a mother who said it was like taking candy from a stranger, and looked at me like I was a “bad guy.” NEVER AGAIN.

And I have to say buying them is/was a big deal for me, because I am balloon-phobic - the result of being about 5 and sitting in the back of a hot car full of balloons on the way to a party that started to randomly pop. I’ve been TERRIFIED of them ever since. And I’m almost 50…

That’s terrible that someone would do that. You were trying to make someone happy not kidnap their kid. I guess that family doesn’t trick or treat either.

I understand being cautious. But I tried to do it right in front of the whole family. It wasn’t like the kid was alone or unattended! There are other ways to share the magic. :slight_smile:

That’s beautiful!

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Sorry about that experience!! People can really be weird…

I had a CM hand me one while I was walking along the BW. It was magical for a 50 something year old woman. Get it and let your child pick someone to pass it on!

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You can deflate it and take it home. We did it years ago when dd was 3. My MIL bought it for her and I couldn’t bear leaving it behind (they are pricey). For dd’s next birthday we bought a balloon kit and refilled it then. If I remember it correctly, it’s like two balloons in one, so you will have to inflate both again. DH did all the work, but I don’t think it’s that complicated.

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I also read that if the balloon pops that you can take it to a CM and they will replace it. Wish we would have known this the first time we bought one because it popped within the first 5 minutes of buying it.

Thank you! Good to know. The same holds true for those ponchos. That is, if it rips, they’ll replace it.