To avoid Extra Magic Hours or not?

DL Newbie here!

So we will be staying offsite but will have multiple day tickets(3 or 4 days). I understand we can access the Morning magic hours at DL but not the EMH at DCA. Is it best to go to the park at opening with the early hours or go to the park that doesn’t offer them at all that day? I know at WDW there are differing opinions on this so educate me on the benefits/drawbacks at DLR. We are from central time so getting up early will be easy if it’s worth it.

Definitely worth it in DL. Be sure to get there at least 30 minutes early. We head straight to Peter Pan, then Alice and Matterhorn, then do whatever FL rides until just before official park opening. As soon as we can, we will get a FP for Space then ride Star Tours and Buzz.

I will second that it’s definitely worth it and so nice with the time change in your favor! Just so you are aware, with multiple day tickets staying offsite you will have just one Magic Morning to use on one of your 3 or 4 days. DLR usually keeps it simple by doing Tues, Thur & Sat as Magic Morning (plus EMH for onsite guests) in DL. Then Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri are all EMH in DCA only available to onsite guests.

The plan above works great, just know that the dash to Peter Pan might be crazy and if you do happen to end up in a 40 minute line then skip it because you will be able to walk on all the rest of Fantasyland and save that 40 min wait for when you will be waiting for anything else that you want to ride.

So you only get one Magic Morning for a 4 day ticket? I will probably be hitting it up Monday-Thursday, I won’t be able to do Tuesday and Thursday?

Correct you will only have one Magic Morning for the trip. The only way to have multiple days of early entry would be to stay onsite.

Agreed on all counts, so worth it. It’s nice to have a good amount of Fantasyland checked off your list before the remainder of the park guests can enter.

DEFINITELY use the EE! I was staying at PP, so I had EE for all three of my days. Granted, it was 0700 on a Sunday on a predicted CL2 day, but I did PP, Snow White, Pinocchio, MR. Toad, Dumbo, Goofini, Teacups, Matterhorn (x2), Buzz and had a FP for SM all in that first hour. By the end of the second hour I had done SM, HM (Holiday), Splash, and BTMRR and had a snack/breakfast.

On the next day, with similar EE/CL conditions, I did RSR (x3 using SRL), Luigi’s. Mater, and Soarin’ in that first hour. On my final day, at DCA EE, I did RSR, CA Screamin’, TSMM, Mickey’s Wheel, Sky School, and LM in just over an hour.