To AP or to Not AP?

That is the question. We are a party of 5(DW, DS5, DMIL, DAIL, and Myself) going the end of January 2019. Renting DVC at the Poly. Going for 8 Days/7Nights. Planning 4 TS meals(Brekkie at Ohana, Mama Melrose, Liberty Tree Tavern, and a TBD(Romantic night away for me and DW while DS5 and MIL and AIL hangout at the resort) rest of meals will be QS meals. Planning 7 park days(no waterparks) undecided on Park Hopper but I’m leaning towards it. We will have Memory Maker for sure. We currently don’t have any additional trips planned and I’ll be out of PTO for 2019, so unless it’s over a long weekend I don’t see another trip happening. A 7 Day Park Hopper ticket is $490. Memory Maker is $169. After Tax I’m at $690.85. The Platinum pass is $904.19 after tax. We would need to save $213.34 from discounts to make having an AP worth it. How likely is it to save that between Dining and Merchandise discount? Thanks for any Help. My gut says no but my Gut also says that MIL will spoil DS5 with everything he asks for too.

You can try using my Worth It to Upgrade to AP? Spreadsheet. Try putting in just the one adult, then enter all of your estimated ticket type, park days, food, merch costs. Also select MM at the top.

It should give you an idea of whether the AP will be worth it.

With a 7 day PH with MM and a bunch of TS that may have the added AP discount I suspect it will be worth it to you.