Tivoli Gardens

Any of y’all been? I know @SamRothstein was planning a trip at some point and our UK friends are a short, cheap flight away. We have an afternoon and evening there in a month and I’ve been searching for a loose guide/TP w no luck.


We went to Europa Park in Germany. Would definitely recommend. I was able to get some research done on Towers Street forums. They have a few threads on Tivoli Gardens, but I’m not familiar with it.


I will look there! Our day is July 30 so I’ve got some research to do!

I was there just a bit over a year ago.

I’d recommend just looking through everything there is on the website and maybe videos of the rides, and choosing what you want to see and doing it in whatever order works. It’s not that big of a place so it’s easy to walk around the whole park in a day or evne half, and you don’t have WDW-style queues, so it doesn’t require as much strategizing. The more high ticket rides (the large rollercoasters etc) might have a longer wait and are busiest in the time you’d expect (mid day to early evening).

Schools in Denmark start on aug 7th so if you are there after that, there will be notably less people. July is extremely busy, but from the beginning of august it quiets down.

The old wooden rollercoaster is fun, not a huge thrill but fun and nostalgic. Same for the small ferris wheel. The star flyer is cool if you are not scared of heights. The Demon coaster is a typical smallish modern thrill coaster with a loop. Milky Way falls somewhere between 7DMT and Barnstormer :joy: I haven’t ridden everything there but you can easily find videos of all the rides to get an idea. Some are nicer ones, some are a bit more like classic fairground rides.

I can’t comment much on food due to limited experience but my understanding is that there are plenty of restaurants, some nice table dining places as well as several quick service options, so I’d just look at reviews to find the most suitable options unless you have plans. The food hall next to the gardens has a lot of additional options.


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Nice! How DO the queues work?

Also, the management company that runs this park has had a death this year and I think two last year at the park in Germany. So IDK how many coasters we will try. Normally I’m not chicken about these things but…

oh by WDW-style I just meant queue duration :smile: They are just regular queues, but for most rides, probably 10-20 minutes rather than 1-2 hours like in Disney parks. Depends on the time of course. I guess bigger rides could be an hour during peak times. We were there in early June (2022) in the evening, and we waited max 20 minutes for the sky flyer thing. Smaller rides were almost walk on at 7-9pm. July could be busier though.

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