Tiring plan lingo

I was making a custom plan and this came up

Test Track
fp+ priority 1/3 in group 2

What does that mean??

FP+ is fastpass plus. Epcot has two tiers of fastpasses, so Test Track is your #1 priority when booking your tier 2 fastpasses for Epcot.

There are two other rides in your epcot plan that also are in tier 2 for epcot fastpasses, so look for fp+ priority 2/3 in group 2 to be somewhere on your plan as well.

Hope this helps!

You’re almost right, except that Test Track is tier 1. Touring Plans, for reasons unbeknown to anyone else, called tier 1 group 2, and tier 2 group 1. So if OP gets Test Track, they can’t get another in that group (Soarin, Frozen and Epcot Forever I believe).

I hope this gets fixed in the new changes. It is confusing.


I’m not sure this is right, Group A/ Tier 1 below matches what MDE makes you pick…

EPCOT FastPass+ Attractions

Epcot Forever A
Frozen Ever After A
Soarin’ A
Test Track A

Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival B
Journey Into Imagination With Figment B
Living with the Land B
Mission: SPACE B
The Seas with Nemo & Friends B
Spaceship Earth B
Turtle Talk with Crush B

And to further clear this up for the original poster, you can only book one group A fastpass, and two group B fastpasses. Hence, Touring Plans is telling you that Test Track is the top priority fastpass you should book from Group A at around the time the touring plan recommends.

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They apparently did fix it. I’ll admit, I haven’t paid attention since I realized it was wrong. It stopped being wrong, and I didn’t notice! :slight_smile:

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That would explain my confusion :slight_smile:

Oh they have changed it then. That’s good. They didn’t have group A and B last time I did touring plans.

And yet this is what the OP is seeing?

So does that language need to be updated to
“group A”? Does someone know this?

Oh that’s true yes. And it’s obviously a tier 1. That’s weird.