Tips to book Wild Africa Trek at Animal Kingdom

My family is going to AK in late June and we want to go on the Wild Africa Trek private tour. The online booking site shows absolutely no availability on any dates. Is there a trick to booking this? Is there a number to call where I might get better results?

It’s 60+10. I was just able to book yesterday with my Leading Reservation so I’m only 69 days out and you should be too far out if you are after 6/19.

Unlike dining, the booking for this opens at midnight on your ADR date. I noticed that the early times were always booked up first, I was able to get the time I wanted right at midnight on our 60+4 day.

And you can use a leading reservation and get 60+10 and then very easily get the time you want.

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Agreed. I used a leading reservation to get WAT at 60+10 for our early June trip. Had my choice of times for the day I wanted. By the time I was at 60+6 there was nothing left.

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Thanks. I’ll use the 60+10 tip. Is online at midnight the way to go (I assume Eastern Time?) or is there a phone #?

I’d do it online. The phone lines can be a nightmare.
Wild Africa Trek (

So this is not logged in and so I can only see 60 days in advance and it’s booked out already. I would highly recommend booking a leading reservation for 10 days before your actual date you want (if you don’t know what this is, it’s a “fake” reservation somewhere cheap. You just pay for the deposit and then cancel when you get to your actual 60 days and they will refund you that deposit). This way you can book 70 days instead of 60 days. It allows you to get the time you want and in this case to even be able to book it at all.

Logged in first, I can now see more days out with my leading reservation:

and if I select Jun 19 which is 68 days away now I can see these times:

*I will add another option is if you do have a long stay booked already book the WAT for towards the end of the stay so you truly get the 60+10 benefit.

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Thanks. I just realized I don’t completely understand how the 60+10 leading reservation strategy works. Is it that you get a 10 day window to make a reservation starting 60 days out from hotel check in? So if I wanted to have the WAT on June 27, I would make a fake hotel reservation for June 17th and then on April 17th I could book WAT on June 27? Can I make it a short reservation, say 2 nights and they will still let me book WAT on June 27 (after I technically check out)? I assume this works for dining reservations also?

or does the ‘fake’ reservation need to include the date I want to book WAT? Why is it +10 vs say + 5 or +15? Thanks for the help

Sorry I see now that you can make up to 10 days of reservations from 60 days out from your check in date. Hence the 60+10. I get it now. Still have the question on whether the leading reservation has to be 10 nights in order to be able to book on that 10th day (if that makes sense).

There is a thread on it:
Leading Reservations for dining? - Walt Disney World - TouringPlans Discussion Forums

That explains it with a link to how to do it. But in a nutshell you would book a reservation for 10 days prior to your checkin so yes in this case June 17 but you would book it thru the last day you want to make any Dining or Tour reservations (etc. cabanas is another one). Then each day you are 70 days out from what you want to book you can book it. So if you wanted to Book WAT for June 27 you could book that 70 days prior instead of 60. Because yes the 60+10 is exactly how you described. Once you get to 60 days from your actual checkin date you can cancel the leading reservation and get your deposit back which is equivalent to one night’s stay regardless if it’s for 1 night or 15 nights. So you’re temporarily out the same amount of money either way.


If you do book a Leading Hotel Reservation, you may as well utilize it to book other hard to get dining reservations.


  • June 24 (first day of a desired ADR/Tour)
  • June 30 (last day of desired ADR)
  • Book your Leading Reservation date of June 14 (check-in)-June 30 (check-out)
  • April 15 would be the first day to make a reservation (for June 24)
  • Cancel your Leading Reservation after May 1 and all ADR’s/Tours will remain.

Yes, it does…people book for 10 days from their actual check in date to their actual checkout day. Then each morning when you wake up naturally, it’s very easy to get whatever you want exactly 70 days out. Yes, you have to book day by day instead of all at once from your actual 60 days out for up to 10 days beyond your checkin day (or until your checkout day whichever is shorter). BUT you can get what you want with ease. And no need to do it at midnight or 3am if you’re on the west coast for example because everything will be there when you wake up still.


I have no idea why Disney chose this. Maybe to encourage people to book 10 night stays to go along with their longest length of day tickets (aka the 10 day park ticket). Maybe there is some data that says if people stay more or less than 10 days they spend less money per day or some such. I’m guessing it all boils to the bottom line and to promote you to behave to benefit their bottom :wink:

I think they do it to create an on-site benefit that doesn’t cost them any money. Since it is an on-site benefit, it is for the length of your stay. Since Disney hotel rooms are 2X+ the cost of comparables nearby, they used to want you to stay a long time.

There is really no reason to have an ADR window at all. Imagine if people could make them whenever they made their other travel arrangements.

ETA: This is why I don’t have a problem with a leading reservation. On our recent trip it was a split stay, and the only thing we’d have gotten was biergarten.


I assume Swan won’t work for a lead reservation?? I wanted to test it, but while MDE sees it and shows 60+10 on the calendar, it won’t let me book anything.

Swan can work but there are two problems - it is tough to get your ressie linked in MDE and Swalphin is notorious for ulinking in your MDe - so there is extra work and risk.

Thank you for this explanation- I wasn’t 100% understanding how to make a leading reservation work for me, but this is so clear.