Tips on Jiko ADR

I am traveling with my husband from September 6th-12th. He is not a big Disney person but loves food & drink. We would love to try some of the more adventurous restaurants in Disney World. I showed him the All Ears review of Jiko and he was very interested in dining there. Does anyone know if this is a particularly hard ADR to get or have any tips on getting it? My 60 days starts on Friday, July 8th.

Good choice!
My husband can be a bit of a food snob (though polite about it) and he has always sincerely enjoyed Jiko meals.
I have never had trouble booking at 60 days (although we usually go for earlier seatings so that may help) so I think you will be ok.

Subothai- Thank you very much. We are excited to try it.

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I do think it is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

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