Tips needed, when to arrive and how to get through the gates quickly

Can you give me tips about when to arrive, I see some people say an hour and other 30 minutes. Our first day we have magic morning so should we get to the gates at 6am or do we not need to be there till 6:30. I want us to make good use of that hour but our youngest has a disability and we’ll need to go to City Hall first and get his DAS card. So I want to get through the gates as quickly as possible and get that done so we can start enjoying our day. Any advice you can give I would really appreciate thanks :slight_smile:

If you have tickets I would say get there at 7:00-7:15. You want to make sure you are there early enough to see the welcome show (if you are too far up in the front under the train station you will not be able to see the show).

For a 7:00 AM EE, normally I would say 6:30 should be fine (worked great for me at both parks). But you need to make a stop at GS first thing, and there may be a number of others who have to do the same thing, so you’ll want to be near the front of the pack - which means that closer to 6:00 would probably be better.

It is a 7:09 EMH?

The park opens at 8am that day, July 12th, so Magic Morning would start at 7am

Then I need to adjust my time to 6:25-6:30.

This doesn’t apply at Disneyland. Guests are held at the turnstiles while the opening family is in the area between the turnstiles and the tunnels beneath the train station. The “welcome show” isn’t like at MK; it’s the opening family yelling a countdown and some variation on “let the memories/magic/etc begin” with one cast member.

Thanks everyone, is it true that there are some lines that move faster? Like I think I heard 22 or 21 or is that just a myth?

Of course you are correct. I missed the category! It’s been a long time since I did that!

Some lines have very little room for people to line up before there is a planter with a tree blocking where the line would be. Those are usually shorter lines or at least an opportunity to sort of ‘skip ahead’ as people jumble into those lines from the others as there is room and people realize what’s up.

I think 18 is like this. There’s at least one more. Really just get in whatever one looks shortest though. If you are getting there super early you would probably have the opportunity to be in the first five people in any of the lines.