Tips for next trip?

I’m throwing out a quick trip before Columbus day weekend and even though it’s a little short notice I want to do this well this time. Versus paying an insane rack rate for Poly in April like last time. We’ve always stayed in a monorail resort but since this would be last minute thinking about giving something like Pop a try to keep it as painless as possible. We’ll see what happens.
BUT, besides renting points (we’ll do that from a friend next year) what are good ways to save? we just do room and tickets and memory maker. never dining. I’ve heard things about MVT? Worth it for a value resort? Any other places I should give a try?
Trying to convince my DH we can do something super cheap and have a great time haha. Although I am kicking myself for not getting an AP for our last trip!

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If you are hoping for a deal in October I would contact someone today! There was a report on chat today that MVT had limited availability. There is also this ;

thanks! i got the returning guest offer but it’s a few days after we could leave and the beginning of the school year I have to be careful with attendance :stuck_out_tongue:

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My rate at Pop through MVT for late October was $101 per night!


Got some great rates from Pixie Dust, haven’t heard back from MVT.

Next question… would you let them do your FP and ADR? I feel like I’ve become a pro between previous trips and TP, not sure I could give up control :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would do my own! If you need feedback- ask here!

Yeah, only park haven’t gone to yet is HS and I know that’s a toss up right now and would trust the liners :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, i’ve yet to even write my trip review from April. oops!


I don’t know if I would have them do my fastpasses, but I would definitely let them do the ADRs. Our travel agent booked our ADRs for our last three trips with no issues and it was so nice not to have to scramble in the morning.

We have gotten Pop a few times around $100 a night. We just book room and ticket with MVT and still do ADR/FP on our own. They’ve offered but I’d rather do it myself!

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