Tips for Making Online Disney Hotel Reservations on Discount Release Day

Realizing that the past trends do not necessarily predict the future (especially during these crazy times), I took a look at past discounts offered for WDW Room Only rates. I hope to be prepared with a strategy should a discount open up. My thinking is that hotel discount availablity would be the best the earlier you are able to make a reservation.

Is there a particular time discount rates are released? Are there any tips for making a hotel reservation the day they are released.

TIA for any help!

I checked this website every day:

Disney visa offers don’t show there.

I also kept an eye on Scott Gustin twitter and the chat side of the touring plans app.

I was able to call right away and modify my resort discount.

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You could book now through a travel agent. Then the TA will watch for discounts and call for you when/if they are released.

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