Tips for AK in the rain

Any suggestions (other than ponchos) for touring AK in the rain? Next weekend looks to be a little rainy and I am trying to think through a rainy AK morning. Good QS indoor lunch spots? Thanks for suggestions!

Indoor lunch makes me think Satul’i, Pizzafari, and that one over in dinoland

If it’s morning that looks rainy -

  1. do the safari - animals LOVE the rain and should be super active
  2. do FOTLK
  3. do Nemo

by then maybe the rain will be done


Yes, I’ll rearrange for early FOTLK and Nemo. Great suggestions.

Indoor QS lunch suggestions?

See my first response for that


Also, consider packing in your park bag a hotel towel or two for wiping off wet seats before sitting

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You are a Disney Genius!

If the towel doesn’t make it back to the hotel room, will I be charged?

Not a genius, just have learned a lot along the way :wink:

Yes you could be charged! So definitely don’t leave it or lose it or anything.

Stop by the pool and grab a towel.

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I recommend real raincoats for rainy days. Ponchos blow around a lot and not all of them cover your arms.
Flame Tree BBQ has a covered seating area, but it’s not huge, so the outer tables and chairs will probably be wet. I think Satuli Canteen is the best option for that. What FP do you have? The FoP and Navi FP queues are almost completely indoors. Safaris queue is covered. FOLK queue is covered. I can’t remember about Nemo, but definitely shows during the rainy part of the day.

8:40 FOP
9:50 Dinosaurs
12:25 Safari

My plan is to hit Na’vi on RD then head over to FP FOP. It is a 7am EMH but we might roll in at 8 if it is raining. Thoughts? We are usually RD EMH folks but something about 7am rain has me leary.

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Can you move that dinosaur one to after the safari, move the safari up? You’re criss crossing a lot

Yes, but those were the best I could get. My original FOP was for 4pm. I lucked into a morning FP and was able to switch. Dinosaur is not a deal breaker it we don’t make it or go at a different time.

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I’ll keep trying to move them. Maybe I will have some luck closer to Saturday.

wet or dry, go with the flow


That is a happy group! Love the sunglasses and rain poncho!

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I recommend, if you can, an extra pair of socks and sneakers and small towel to dry off feet and change.

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