Tips for a great honeymoon

I'll be in the world for a 15 day honeymoon. Staying at POR. Any tips to make our honeymoon even more unforgettable?

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15 days is awesome!! What time of year are you going? Do you have dining plans? How far out is the plan making, make your dinner ressies 180 days out.

Are you the bride or the groom? Is this shared, as I may suggest something that you may wish to keep private??

POR make sure to take the boat to DTD, also I suggest the carriage ride at the POR.

Some loved signature meals: CA Grill, Artist Point, The only 5star Victoria & Alberts.

If you love to joke around try Whispering Canyon Café.

TTDP reserves at 180 days out (Tomorrowland Terrence Dessert Party)
Wind down in Epcot if still going.
Stay in the magic kingdom past closing for the goodnight kiss:

Take some tours like:
Keys to the kingdom
Wild Africa Trek

If you can go all out for the VIP tour, private tours of the parks

Are you doing only Disney? What things are you looking for.

We stayed at POR for our honeymoon, too - so romantic!

  • Definitely do take the boat to DTD - when we went, we saw otters!
  • We saw a lot of characters, and they made a huge fuss over us. I'm a big princess fanatic, so we had lunch at Akershus, and every single princess gushed about finding my Prince Charming. (Ariel told us it was "fin-flipping-tastic!") Mickey and Minnie were excited, too!
  • Be sure to wear your wedding ears and your "Just Married!" button. I can't guarantee anything, but we usually got a little surprise at the end of a meal.
  • Find quiet places to be with your sweetie. We spent a lot of time in the Oasis at AK and wandering World Showcase in Epcot.

You've made a great choice for a honeymoon spot! Congratulations!

We had our Disneymoon at POR. We enjoyed F&W and MNSSHP over an extended weekend. Take the time to enjoy each other and soak the environment in. All the extras may or may not be your cup of tea. Just relax and leave the real world behind as long as you can.

Since you're staying at POR (great resort choice, BTW!), make sure to see Yeeha Bob one night. Not exactly what I would call "romantic," but definitely tons of fun!!