Tips for a Better Experience

What tips have you learned along the way that make the WDW experience a better one?

One thing that we almost always do is request the front row of most rides, especially ones where sightseeing is involved, to avoid having a someone’s camera/video screen disrupt the experience.

Also, we are huge believers in mobile ordering. Saves a crazy amount of time over the course of an entire trip.


Stopping and enjoying the moment.

I also like to share some of the privilege I have with complete strangers.

Sending cast compliments.

Smiling and being happy!

I don’t know. I’m just always happy to be at a Disney park. I don’t even care if I ride a ride anymore. I do a lot of sitting and people watching.


Take a break and leave the park for a few hours.

I know there is a lot of FOMO going around in these forums but you will be in a better state of mind to enjoy the parks if you take a break and get away from the crowds. This applies regardless of age, it doesn’t matter if you have small kids or teenagers, JUST. LEAVE. THE. PARK.

Our experience became so much better after taking a break, even a short one. Even if taking the tram back to you car and driving to your hotel takes a lot of time, it is worth it. Perhaps I’m spoiled because I’ve been to WDW and DLR so many times over the decades that I don’t mind if I don’t ride a particular ride. However, I know that my kids value not having an angry parent that flares up at the first morbidly obese scooter that hits me in the shin.


To quote @OBNurseNH “refresh modify”. The other thing, know before you go. Do your research.


Don’t waste park time with in-park character meals, do those outside the parks on a non-park day

Typhoon Lagoon is much better than Blizzard Beach

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Cool Towels are a cheap and easy way to beat the heat. You soak them in water, wring them out, and then give them a snap. They can be work around the shoulders or neck, or on your head. They are great when it’s the hottest part of the day.
Also, snacks like Lara Bars or something that has some protein in carbs can really help everyone pick up their mood a bit.
We like to request the back of roller coasters, it’s so much more of a wild ride!
We also chat with people in line and make “line friends”. Sometimes people don’t want to chat, and that’s totally cool too, but we have met some great people and had lovely 45 minute friendships that make time go by a bit faster.


Next time I’ll know not to wear sneakers and socks on a rainy day. Just crocs or keens.


Looking for the little details.

Magic kingdom. When you enter the gates and go through the tunnels the cement is red. This is supposed to be the red carpet and you are the star.

Look at the names on the upper windows of main street. These are all people who did something special to make disney happen. Walts window is above the plaza and i think riys is above caseys.

By the tinker tower there are hidden pascals.

If you follow the hoof prints bt the tinkle tower you will find maximus’ surprise.

There are gems in the ground near aladdin

There is a ring in the standy que of haunted mansion. On your way out if the haunted mansion there is a pet cemetary. Mr toad is there.

Mr toad is giving owl the deed to the ride on winne the pooh.

In people mover there is a model of walts vision of his epcot community

I know there used to be a good post of all of this here cannot find it.

But these details make it better for me. And this is but a sample


To let go of plans when they do not work.
To call it quit before it’s too late.
Bring plenty of water and drink it all.


To eat before hangry sets in.


This! And be prepared to adjust things if necessary! Don’t be so “WE MUST STICK TO THE SCHEDULE” that you miss the magic.

Or end up having to deal with wet pants - and not from a water ride. In February I witnessed a mother berating her child for having to use the bathroom when “It was on the schedule 10 minutes ago and you didn’t have to go.” Poor kid was so upset they wet themselves right there. :frowning:


Poor kid! That literally breaks my heart.


Mine too. Bladders definitely don’t operate on a schedule.


Poor thing! But reminds me of a tip I saw before our first trip 2 years ago, when my boys were 3.5 and 6, that worked out great for us. Anytime we stop at a bathroom, everyone goes, whether they “need” to or not. Avoided emergencies and extra bathroom stops.


I do that with adults.


I think the one thing that has made the biggest difference for us, hands down, is to be there for RD. Being able to avoid long lines on the big rides lets us relax and take things in the rest of the day in a more leisurely manner. It takes the pressure off.


Wow! That’s awful. The poor kid is probably traumatized.

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Assume that all plans will change when you get there. A TP is a “plan”, not a “schedule”; don’t be so focused on it that you forget to have fun. Barring a nuclear holocost, WDW will be there for the foreseeable future; if you don’t get t something this trip, you have it to look forward to on your next trip. If you’re in a group, don’t hesitate to split up if different people want to do different things. Even when it’s just my DW and me, we sometimes go our separate ways.


Splitting up is underused and would save do many trips. Divide and conquer!


Ours is - “don’t be that guy”
Our first trip we walked past a man who was red-faced, screaming into the face a his young daughter in her stroller. It was late in the afternoon, obviously well past her nap time and she had tears rolling down her face. He screamed, “we spent a lot of money to come here and have fun and, dammit, you are going to have fun!”
Ever since that day when situations arise we look at each other and say - don’t be that guy.