Tipping with more than 6 at Rainforest Cafe

Okay…so years ago, we went to RC at DS with 6 of us. I didn’t realize they automatically added an 18% gratuity, and so I left a cash 20% tip on the table. They ended up with a 38% tip!

This time, we will be going to RC at DS…and there will be 8 of us total…but split into three separate bills. Has anyone done this? Will they still automatically add the gratuity to all three bills this way? Or since it will be three bills, each party less than 6, can we tip as we normally do? (I hate this automatic gratuity thing…it confuses things.)

You’re still a party of 8 so I think they’ll add gratuity even if you split into smaller checks.


We had 6 people and split the bill in half at 2 separate restaurants (Chef Mickeys and Ohana) at Disney. Automatic gratuity was added onto both bills.

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Very good. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Be sure to double check either way!


To echo the above, it’s based on the number of people at the table, not how the check is split. This practice annoys me, but it was explained that different countries have different tipping policies (many do no tipping at all) and this protects the servers from getting jilted on a large table. I usually tip at least 20%, but if it’s pre-added, unless the server was knock out excellent, I rarely add more to the 18%.