Tipping with Disney Dining Plan

Silly question perhaps but here goes: How does one tip after a Table Service meal when using the dining plan? Is it cash-only? Can you charge gratuity to your room? How does it get done?


You can do it however you want - cash, room charge, credit card, gift card. Just tell them what you want to do.

Basically you can tip any way you’d do at a normal restaurant hotel. You get a bill that shows your meal costs and what the dining plan took care of - you can then leave cash, charge it to a credit card or charge it to your room (typically via magic band) to cover the tip and any extra food not covered by the meal plan.

It’s very simple really. Although I do suggest double checking the credits after each meal to ensure you were not over debited. It’s fixable later, but may take you some time at the front desk to address so it pays to be careful at the point of sale…