Tipping tips!

I’m going to be on DDP so will be scanning magic bands to pay for sit down meals - will we see how much the bill would have been so I can work out a cash tip to leave?
Also, do you tip bar staff if you’re just buying a drink?
And house keeping? I’ve read some people don’t.

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Yes you get a bill with the amount on, (ETA it has the suggested tip at the bottom so you don’t need to calculate it - for 15, 18 or 20%) and they take it away and bring you one back with zeros. You’re supposed to tip bartenders but I’ve not been to a bar over there. And yes to housekeeping - people say 1-2 dollars per person per night but I just do $5 whether there’s 2 or 3 of us. Leave it every day because you might have different housekeepers on different days, and make it clear it’s a tip by putting it in an enveloped addressed to them or at least with a note.

ETA again, you should also tip anyone who handles your bags.


Yes, you should tip at bars as well. I usually go with 1-2$ per drink depending on how expensive the drinks are. Or if running a tab and paying at the end, I would tip just like any meal

I use a Disney gift card to pay for tips. Would charge back to the room, but I’m afraid they will accidentally charge to the cc I have on file. That is what happened last trip. I had a $17 balance from dinner the night before leaving, and before I checked out they charged it to my card. And yes, you should tip the bartender.

When we were there in December, suggested tip started at 18% and they are calculated before tax.

We also tip if they need to bring us something: more towels, soaps, etc. At least $2.

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Hmm it was definitely 15% in 2016 but I didn’t pay that much attention in August so you may be right. You don’t tip on the tax do you? Not sure what point you’re making.

Traditionally, no…but many do. I don’t bother removing tax from the equation when I tip, since it generally doesn’t make a whole lot of difference. If I pay $30 for a meal, that’s $1.80 in tax…tipping 20% on the tax is an extra 36 cents. So I just tip on the total, regardless of tax.

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Most people tip base on the pretax portion. Most restaurants calculate the suggested tip amounts based on the pretax portion. Some, calculate the suggested tip on the entire bill. When this happens in the San Francisco Bay Area, it can include the food and drink portion, tax, and the 2.5% cost of living add on. It’s not a huge difference to pay tip with the tax added on. But we are just use to paying tip on the pretax portion.

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Ah I get you. We’re not used to adding tax on at all over here since it’s already included.

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FWIW, tipping on pre-tax or post-tax amounts can be a significant difference in Canada - the taxes on restaurant bills are 13-15% in Ontario and Quebec respectively. We always tip on pre-tax totals.

If the tax amount is already in the cost of the food, perhaps you won’t be short that much money at group lunches where everyone supposedly pays their share!

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I only do lunches where we split the bill equally!

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I’m going to have to take on your policy. Can’t tell you how many times we have been short money at TS for group lunches at work. People don’t pay their fair share of tax and tip!

When I go out with friends, there is always too much money!