Tipping for Mousekeeping

Typically do not tip at regular hotel but have seen much about tipping at Disney. Is this expected/common/optional? Thanks for your thoughts!

It seems to be common practice to tip $1-2 per day, per person in the room. Expected & optional are a matter of opinion.

This was also going to be a question of mine. I am not used to tipping for hotels, but know it is a common practice at Disney, thanks for the question/info.

I had never heard of tipping hotel maids until I got on dis boards 10 years ago. I researched the issue and discovered that maids were paid more than I was at the time. So tip at your own discretion.

Here is a blog about it. http://blog.touringplans.com/2012/03/21/disney-world-tipping/

I always tip whenever staying at a hotel, but always do so at the end of my vacation based on how many nights we stayed in the room. I guess it is done differently at WDW?! Or I’ve been doing it wrong my entire life on every vacation?!

The recommendation is to leave the tip daily as you may have a different mouse keeper each day due to scheduling. The choice, as always, is yours. =)

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I think no matter in which hotel you are staying the maids can be different every day so tipping daily should be done in the morning if you choose to tip.

I leave $3/night in most hotel rooms, and $5 if staying in a suite.

Tipping housekeeping is not something specific to WDW - it is common/expected throughout the hotel industry http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/_mobile/family/etiquette/tipping-etiquette

Interestingly enough, one of the times that this topic came up on another Forum someone posted that he never tipped housekeeping. He then later reported that he was discussing this with his DW, and she looked at him like he had two heads and said “We ALWAYS tip housekeeping.”


The do not disturb sign works great for me. One tip at the end. Don’t like people going through my stuff.

@ejj We also keep the do not disturb sign up a lot, but whenever we do have them come in we tip each day and always at least at the end if we keep the sign up. I tip at all hotels though, not just wdw.


We typically tip between 3 to 5 dollars per day depending on if we asked for extra things and if we got towel animals we tipped more. We had an awesome mousekeeper at AKL last summer. She left towel animals everyday. We tipped her everyday at a bit more than usual.

We heard the same thing, so when we were there last year that is what we did.

We tipped $10/day for our family of four at AKL this past week. We had the BEST MouseKeeper and I wanted to bring her home with us!

The kids left her notes each day (they chose what to say and I was pretty impressed!), decorated the envelope. Patricia took to writing back to them -it was like having a pen pal at close range :heart: on the last of her workdays, she left them each a small, extra-special treat. I emailed guest services yesterday to give her much praise when we got home - she was fantastic and really made us feel “welcome home”.


I love hearing these kinds of stories! And if the service was that good, heck yeah I’ll leave a good tip!

The general “rule of thumb” is $5 or $1 per person per night, whichever is more. Increasing or decreasing the amount hasn’t seemed to corrolate with any better or worse service…

I prefer to keep the DND sign up and tip at the end, but when we travel with my mom, she likes service each day. $5 seems sufficient. We did forget once or twice over our ten day trip, and it had absolutely no correlation to the service we got, so whatever. I look at it as a kindness to people who work really hard at a pretty crappy (literally in some cases) job. I don’t know what they make, but I wouldn’t trade with them even if I could keep my salary as is.

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Leaving $4 just felt not enough to us. I would definitely round up to the next $5 increment. We calculated $2pp/pd and so at $8 we rounded up to $10.

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We made sure to explain this in simpler, gentler terms to our kids. It’s important to teach such respect, IMO.