Tipping Bell Services at DLR

Just looking for the proper etiquette here…

Since the hotels at DLR do not have ME like WDW where they can deliver your bags directly to your room, if you arrive early to the hotel and drop off your luggage with bell services to have it delivered to your room when it is ready, do you tip at the drop-off, when they deliver it (assuming you are present), or both?

In the same vein, if you have bell services pick up your luggage from your room on checkout day so you can pick it up from them later when you leave the hotel, do you tip when they pick it up from your room, when you pick it up from bell services, or both?

Actually, I don’t believe that they will deliver your bags to your room unless you are with them - that’s what I was told when I stayed at Paradise Pier. I checked in at 6:45AM so I could take advantage of EE and left my bags with bell services. When I got back to my room at 11:00PM I was expecting to see my bags there, and they weren’t; I had to call to have them brough up (and they told me I had to be present in the room to have them delivered).

I don’t know if there is a specific etiquette, but I tip upon delivery to the room. I’f I’m traveling with DW and whe have a whole car full of bags, and a bell hop unloads the entire van and takes the bags to storage, I’ll tip then as well.

Thanks for your input and answer. This is good to know.

At WDW if you use DME they will deliver your luggage directly to your room, and it isn’t necessary for you to be there. I wonder what the difference is.

I think this is pretty much the same at wow.yes, DME will deliver your bags, but if you check your bags at bell services, or bell services moves them from resort to resort- you need to be in your room and call for them.

Proper etiquette says you tip whomever handles your luggage in front of you. So, yes you would tip both on drop off and if your luggage was delivered with you present.